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Datil Pepper Relish is a hot item.  I have added some extra spice to my dining life since trying it. My friends and family are enjoying the extra zesty taste that it brings to many diverse dishes.
When I first tasted this unique product I loved it on my German bratwurst. It is amazing how a pepper relish can add so much mouth sensation to a steak, roast pork or a German sausage or knackwurst. It raises the ordinary hot dog to a new level.
There are dishes that have been enhanced by texture, color and taste by the addition of  Datil Pepper Relish. I added just a dab of this innovative product to many dishes for that added depth of spicy flavor. It only takes a dash to go from good to delicious. This relish has a bite. Where ever you may think of adding some zest with mustard, Ketchup, sauce or salsa, try a dash of Datil.
I read that this unique pepper was discovered in 1768, on one of my favorite little islands off the coast of Spain, called Minorca. No wonder I enjoy it so much. I devoured the spicy flavors of the Spanish cuisine when I lived on the Coast of Spain. I had fun experimenting and discovering the foods enhanced by a dash of Datil. Some of them are:
The top of deviled eggs;
Mixed in a  bloody Mary;
Over a char broiled rib eye steak;
Smeared over a pork chop or roast;
Sprinkled over a grilled fish;
1/2 teaspoon over the sour cream on a baked potato;
Top a smoked salmon or cream cheese bagel with just a hint of relish;
Try it on any sandwich such as bologna, ham, turkey or a a Reuben;
A simple burger rises to new culinary level with this unique spicy flavor.
The trends for 2012 say that the grilled cheese is the NEW burger. Try this relishwith your innovative grilled cheese for a taste pleaser.
Even the relish jar packaging looks tempting with the vibrant colors of red and green peppers on the inviting jar.  This little treasure will make perfect stocking stuffers or hostess gifts for any food lover.
I would like to hear the ideas from others for this terrific product, originally discovered from my favorite country of Spain. There are so many more uses for this relish that I have not yet tried.
by Brenda Hill, cookbook author and culinary columnist.
This review was originally featured on Worldwide Delicacies.