This week I tried something different for our neighborhood St. Patricks week celebrations. Since I live in Florida, I wanted something cool and refreshing for our pool party. Sailor Jerry dark amber rum is a favorite with my sail boating friends on both coasts. This cocktail dates back to the 1960’s. I read that was a favorite libation of John F. Kennedy, who loved sailing off the coast of Cape Cod.

Sailor Daiquiri


1.5 ounces Sailor Jerry, the original spiced rum

1.5 ounces pineapple juice

.75 ounces lime sour

lime wheel for garnish


Pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice.

Strain mixture into a chilled martini glass.

Garnish with lime wheel.


Go easy, as Sailor Jerry rum is 92 proof. You can use any spiced rum for this daiquiri.

If you serve Captain Morgan spiced rum, it becomes a Captain Daiquiri.