This is a good week to revive one of the most popular recipes from our book, Our Love Affairs with Food & Travel. It is so easy and delicious, especially since spring has sprung early this year. There is nothing like a new adventure with ice cream.

Beer Ice Cream


6 eggs

1 tbsp dark amber honey

3.5 ounces of sugar

2 generous cups dark beer, we use Guinness

.5 cup fresh cream


Separate eggs.

Mix yolks with with honey and sugar until creamy.

Boil the beer.

Quickly mix 1 ladle of beer with the egg yolk mixture and put into remaining beer.

Heat  to 175 F. Do not overheat or eggs will set.

Put the pot in cold water to allow cooling.

Stir in cream and freeze in an ice-cream container.


I served this Irish  style beer ice cream after a simple supper of roast chicken. Since I already had the Guinness and honey handy, I basted  the chicken with beer and honey for a rich, golden, crispy skin. A mug of dark beer was the ideal pairing.