What a delightful surprise to taste authentic guacamole prepared tableside at Cabonita (little canon) in Las Vegas. This is true Mexico City food discovered is in the luxurious Venetian Hotel. I have enjoyed guacamole in Mexico, and San Diego, never dreaming that Las Vegas was one of the best I would ever experience.



Our merry group of food writers from IFWTWA were thrilled with Chef Reed’s hand crafted presentation. This guacamole was so tasty that I returned that evening for happy hour. Chef Reed prepared this treat for our culinary group of 18, using perfectly ripe avacados and the freshest herbs and vegetables.




Canonita Guacamole


1 large ripe avacado

1 tbs diced onions

1 tbsp minced jalapeño

1 tbsp minced cilantro

1 tbsp salt (per readers observation and your own taste, you may want to cut this to 1 teaspoon)

1 tbsp diced tomatoes

1/2 squeezed lime juice


Place onions, jalapeño, cilantro and  salt in a large molcajete (mortar) and smash with pestel until juice is formed.

Add avacado, lime juice and tomatoes.

Lightly chop with spoon until guacamole is smooth yet still retains a chunky texture.

The perfect pairing for fresh taco chips, salsa and guacamole is one of Danny’s classic margaritas. This mixologist uses only top tequela and fresh squeezed lime juice. Nine gallons of lime juice is made fresh daily. This labor of love takes over 2 hours to prepare.

For restaurant reservation, please call 702.414.3773.

Taqueria Canonita available for breakfast, lunch and dinner large group events. Please call 702.414.3776 or email Valerie Taylor at vtaylor@tavistockrestaurants.com.