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When you go about your daily responsibilities, shopping for dinner is something everyone does eventually. Chef Scott Andres has awakened all of us in the Southern United States with his culinary propensities.

Chef Scott’s Culinary Soul
If you lived in Florida any time between the years 2006 to the present, Chef Scott Andre’s ideas about food and his ideals about cooking have cultivated a relationship with you through tonight’s family dinner.

The chef defines his approach and translations of his cookery through his reflections of dining in Las Vegas at Aureole, when he was a culinary student team member where he played a key part in the annual American Culinary Federation’s Robert G. Galand Knowledge Bowl.

Here is the link to Aureole in Las Vegas, where Chef Andres affirms that, “this is where I ate the best meal of my life”.
Chef Scott Andres describes his culinary approach of his cooking views through his reflections of his culinary tour of Las Vegas restaurants as a fledgling Foodie. “My favorite dining memory is dining at Charlie Palmer’s – Aureole – in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay hotel. While dining at Aureole, I discovered that their neo-classic cuisine was formulated by assembling layer upon layer of complex, yet harmonizing flavors. Till this day I can’t eat an elegant meal without relating it to the dazzling cookery styling of Chef Charlie Palmer”.

“At Aureole, Chef Palmer demonstrated that there are no food-pairing boundaries under one creative roof. He showed me that you can use savory ingredients in desserts and sweet ingredients in savory. These principles have led me to my latest creative venture”, say Chef Andres. “I combine all of my culinary experience with my gift of creativity to create food that is new, exciting and makes people feel happy when they eat it.”

This is key to Chef Andres as he prepares a delectably genteel new gourmet dining standard. He says: “I want my cooking to spawn a feeling of happiness from the inside out.” While traveling to Las Vegas he encountered a new culinary ideal. One that draws a diner into solely focusing on what they are eating.

He describes it as: “Being able to bring the diner into a singular realm of concentrating on what they are relishing and blocking out everything else they have going on in their lives for that isolated moment.”

Walking a Day in a Chef’s Shoes…
Chef Andres has been the developmental chef in charge of producing a business program so important to Publix Corporation that they gave it their most critical and important “Tier 1” designation. The importance of this new business idea and the NEW profits that were generated by Chef Scott Andre’s ideas have made the largest impact on the grocery business this decade.

Working with all the top level executives in the Publix Corporation, Chef Andres developed the ground breaking gourmet grocer based individual business units that feature a diverse and individual carte du jour – Action Stations (as he calls them) enterprises and distinct personality for their new corporate strategy across the United States. This new business unit was baptised GreenWise prepared foods. Anyone buying dinner across Florida can see his fingerprints on what you have bought for tonight’s dinner.

“It is important that my at-the-moment cooking a.k.a. Action Stations and, Publix’s “Aprons” cooking school recipes, tell a story about the culture they characterize. The dishes that are prepared at the (moment they are requested) action stations must be colorful and visually captivating, combining textures and shapes to create a visual work of art that you are eager to devour”, says Chef Andres.

As Chef Andres developed these new dishes, he insisted that Publix use the freshest ingredients to prepare dishes and, they must be in their optimum appearance and of the highest premium quality. Ingredients must be prepared with the utmost in culinary professionalism as these innovative recipes have been shaped with an extreme respect to maintaining their distinct cultural integrities. Their ingredient pantries have been deployed in a perfect balance to create a dish that delivers the best culturally-based representation that you could experience anywhere and, one that you remember forever and, compare all others for the rest of your life.

Andres goes on, “I want that person to be completely drawn into focusing on every aspect of their food as they block out everything else they have going on in their lives for that moment. It is important that the new dish they are experiencing tells a story about the culture it represents. The dish must be colorful and visually captivating, combining textures and shapes to create a visual work of art to get you excited to eat it.”

“This is what I am thinking about when I fashion a new dish. I strive to achieve these strategies every time my hands create food. These guidelines of thought are the obligations that I am asking myself, am I creating a recipe that will accomplish this? And, can these recipes be prepared by another chef”, continues Chef Andres.

Part 2 will be featured April 8, 2012.

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