I was anticipating an old port with candlelit restaurants reflecting in the shimmering Mediterranean.  Instead we found a shiny new port-mall with a rock concert and Udon – Noodles and Fun —  a contemporary Japanese style eatery filled with lively young Catalonians half our age.

Enticing aromas drift into the mall and outside to the seaside concert we all talk above. Tempora Udon and Seafood Yakisoba with fried tuna provide a delicious late night repast (early for our table mates who will still be partying long after we succumb to jet lag).

We were seated at one of two ultra modern white tables that ran the length of the restaurant. It reminded me of a meal in a rustic restaurant-bar on the outskirts of Barcelona in 1965 with my mother and brother, when we ate at a

traditional wooden table and a friendly Catalan man proudly demonstrated his wine drinking skills from a pottery caraffe with spout.

A flavorful broth with one large shrimp and a variety of vegetables in tempura top the soba noodles made by a pro. My husband’s fresh ramen noodles were topped with tasty fish and shrimp in small pieces. He chose Asahi Japanese beer and I sipped a delicate green tea with rice and barley which complemented the meal. Not a lot of protein but loaded with comfort and ideal for weary travelers.

Jill has been a close friend of Brenda’s for a long time and I’ve enjoyed her company several times. We are happy to have her join our team.