Here is a fun Fun Florida cocktail for warm spring evenings. I discovered UV vodka at a local vodka tasting seminar. I always liked vodka, but now I luv this new UV lemonade. This four times distilled vodka is naturally flavored. Smooth enough to sip on the the rocks, or have fun creating your own signature cocktail. This is mine, tangy and a tad tart, just in time for cool parties at sunset.


2 parts UV lemonade

1 part cranberry juice

splash of triple sec

optional garnish of lemon wheel, mint or basil


Stir the first 3 ingredients.

Pour in a tall glass over  cracked ice.


Garnish with your own creation. I like lemon, mint or basil.

For a lighter cocktail, substitute sparkling cranberry juice  (Ocean Spray).

Serve this is a champagne glass with shaved ice for brunch.

Substitute fresh orange juice for the cranberry for a UV orange-lemon blossom.