“Nice Work If You Can Get It”—by Norman E. Hill

Having seen the Broadway show, “Crazy for You” 20 years ago, I had very high expectations for the new show, “Nice Work If You Can Get It.” All my expectations were realized—and then some.

This show was sheer magic, with a wide variety of Gershwin tunes, up-to-date arrangements, dynamic choreography, and an integrated Prohibition—era—based plot. Sinatra said we’ll never see again the likes of Astaire and Rogers’ dancing. But the stars, Broderick and O’Hara, showed such emotion and enthusiasm for their big dance number that I couldn’t help but think of a reincarnation of that amazing duo from years past. I could tell the audience agreed with me. To be fair, the entire cast deserves a standing ovation.

There is simply no show on Broadway or anywhere else of its caliber. When uttering “Nice Work If You Get It,” also state that this show is NICE WORK—and WE’VE GOT IT!

Norman E. Hill, FSA, MAAA, Meber AICPA
Member: International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association
Member: Society of Professional Journalists