Maralyn and I are experiencing all of the benefits from the award winning Rancho La Puerta in Baja California. We yearn for the healthful farm to fork food, especially the guacamole made with avocados and peas!

Try these soothing masks for your face which we learned from the Ranch skin experts when presenting a writer’s workshop a few years ago. One of our favorite workshops is called Taking the Ranch Home. We  are exposed to many ways of enjoying mindful living in body, mind, and soul, all year long. This is one of the secrets of the Ranches over 70 years of success
These beauty spa recipes are natural, easy, and inexpensive.  Most items we have on hand at home.
Rancho La Puerta’s Avacado Facial Mask

1 tablespoon wheat germ oil
1/2 ripe avocado, mashed
Banana mask:
1tablespoon olive oil
1/2 mashed ripe banana
Mix together.
Apply to skin.
Relax for 30 minutes.
Remove with a damp, soft cloth or warm water.
Vitamin E in avocados does wonders for the skin, whether you eat them or use in a mask.
Don’t answer the door while mask is on unless it is Halloween and you want to scare someone, like I once did.
My smooth skin was worth it.
I plan to try yogurt and honey next.
Do our readers have one to share?
Our Ranch guacamole recipe is in the archives.
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