Back from a brief breather in London to attend Olympic festivities, candidates from both the Pro-Doily and the No-Doily parties are back on the Doily Decision 2012 campaign trail.  Dueling fiercely with campaign ads and media appearances, the fight to the finish sees no sign of diminishing until the end.  B&B industry journalists and media are captivated by the duel of the doilies, speculating that contemporary styling will trump traditionalism at inns and B&Bs in Doily Decision 2012.


“It ain’t over until the fat doily sings,” said Pro Doily candidate, I.M. Lacelike. “We’re here to the end, and are sure that doily-proud proponents will pull out a strong finish,” finished Lacelike.  Contemplating a strong grassroots get-out-the-doily-vote, the Pro Doily Party is hitting the ground running with Pro Doily campaign ads encouraging travelers to let innkeepers know there is no room for No Doily radicalism in their B&Bs.  Going so far as to publically criticize the Death to Doily campaign touted by the No Doily campaign, Pro doilists will hit the campaign trail with their crochet for a new day message. Buoyed by recent fundraising efforts from groups including Antiques for America and Travelers for the Preservation of Traditionalism, the Pro Doily Party will hold tea parties at supporting inns throughout the country to plan local and doilyroots get-out-the-vote strategies.


Meanwhile, recent polls show the No Doily Party moving ahead, with 68-percent of voters leaning toward a more contemporary approach to B&Bs. In a recent interview with “Meet the B&B” host, David Currentstyle, Pro Doily candidate C.D. Tabletop offered a conciliatory approach saying “We’re willing to put aside the negative ads and focus on what’s best for the party and today’s B&B travelers”.  In a departure from previous censorious ads, the No Doily Party is planning a strong end to the campaign focused on finding creative uses for recycling doilies rather than burying them once the campaign is over.  With ideas spanning from doily based blankets for third world countries to creation of wind power structures from tightly woven doilies, the No Doily party has partnered with Scientists for Doily Elimination to create doily recycling solutions to appeal to all voters.


Which way will you vote? Pollsters are surveying travelers regularly to maintain a pulse on the traveling public.  To vote in Doily Decision 2012, go to and weigh in.  Both doily parties are counting on a strong groundswell of social networking and grassroots campaigning to get out the vote on election day.



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