I know, there are so many burger recipes out here. Since the Hill team loves caprese salad, I tried this one over the weekend to a rave review.

Caprese Burger
Ingredients for 2

8 oz freshly ground beef
4 slices Italian bread
4 slices fresh mozzarella cheese
4 tomato slices
Fresh shredded basil
Salt and pepper to taste


Grill bread.
Arrange grilled burger with cheese, tomato and basil between toast for each sandwich.


I prefer bread about 1/2 thick or toasted English muffins to buns.

Sometimes I add a drizzle of evoo and a sprinkle of Italian seasoning while grilling bread.

My burger was larger, but it is good to have all ingredients about the same size.

I like chuck for the tasty fat, but there are delicious leaner choices.

My best tip is having my butcher grind fresh beef.

Shredding the basil leaves keeps them from slipping and spreads the taste. I use whole leaves for garnish.

Buffalo mozzarella is delicious.

With these ingredients you have a gourmet burger, perfect for a backyard grilling party.

This simple supper was hearty without soup, salad or fries. Fresh onion rings would be my side choice. My friend sipped  California red wine. I enjoyed a cold California beer, Sierra Nevada.

Brenda C. Hill

International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association
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