Brenda and I both have a strong passion for testing Eggs Benedict of any variety. The recipe from Simplot Foods is quite good. I would use fresh avocado, as I always have it available.

Avocado Eggs Benedict 

Hollandaise Sauce, prepared 16 oz
Pimenton, smoked paprika 1/2 tsp
English Muffin, split 8 each
Turkey, smoked, thinly sliced 16 oz
Eggs, large 16 each
Simplot Avocado Slices, thawed 16 oz
Recipe Method
  • Whisk the pimenton into the Hollandaise sauce, reserve.
  • For each serving: toast an English muffin.
  • Heat 2 oz of turkey slices on a griddle while poaching two eggs.
  • Top each English muffin with 1 oz of turkey and one poached egg.
  • Layer 1 oz of Avocado Slices over each egg, drizzle with 2 oz of Hollandaise sauce.


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