We love cheese. Especially creamy Brie cheese wrapped in crust and baked to a golden butter crunch. You can the pastry from scratch, use refrigerated dough as I do, or buy the product ready made as I also do.  Keeping  a ready made Brie en croute in the freezer is handy for imromtu guests. Then there are the nights you  only want a glass of wine, ( a California Rhone red or French Beaujolais) is my choice, soup or salad makes it a meal. I have served this cheese on New Years Eve at home, when too tired to prepare my traditional fondue. Delicious as is, here are some of the ways to kick it up and make it even more special. When I bring this  enticing appetizer to a party, it is an instant hit and gone in minutes.
Tips for Brie en croute toppings

Sun dried tomatoes.
Pine nuts, pecans or toasted almonds.
Raspberry or Apricot jam.
Tonight I tried caramelized onions for a tasty topping.