For anyone who knows me, they will have difficulty believing I attended this event, let alone tasted numerous beers. Beer has never been my drink of choice, no matter the circumstances. However, these new craft brews are making a difference throughout the country.

With over thirty brewers, hopefully, I might find a taste where I don’t screw up my face. No matter how hard I try, that just happens. Fortunately, there was a winemaker, so I enjoyed a glass of McMenamins White Rabbit Wine, while listening to Ginger Johnson talking about “Women Enjoying Beer.”

Ginger was great to interview. Married to a brewer, we discovered Ginger started “Women Enjoying Beer,” because she saw a need and opportunity. What a great job she has done. She was so good sharing the tips of enjoying beer.

Deschutes Beer from Bend, OR Photo: Maralyn D. Hill
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Deschutes Beer from Bend, OR Photo: Maralyn D. Hill

After our interview, I was convinced to try a few more beers. Much to my amazement, Michelle Winner found one she knew I would enjoy and convinced me to try. Deschutes Brewery of Bend, Oregon had a new brew that is just ready to hit the market. I really liked it. This gem is called Chainbreaker White IPA. This pairs wheat, hops and Belgian yeast, but the key is the coriander and sweet orange peel, It’s citrus-packed and silky smooth. I was actually able to sip it and enjoy, an all time first.


The moral to this story is to keep an open mind and don’t be convinced you won’t like something.


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