By Evilena Lucy

You can go anywhere in the world and be rest assured of one thing, where there are people, there is food. Every culture is a custodian of its own ‘wine and dine’, but some cultures take the celebration of food to a whole new level. Whether its tomato throwing, wine surfing or hot dog contests, here are some of the top 5 Best food festivals in and around.

THE HOKITIKA WILDFOODS FESTIVAL: It takes place in New Zealand and this festival celebrates the strange side of food, where the people try a combination of dishes not usually eaten like worm milkshakes, snail salads and lobster drinks. This spontaneous food event is usually participated by the locals, but tourists to New Zealand are encouraged to join in every year.

THE PIZZAFEST: We all know that Italy takes the trophy when it comes to making pizza, so what better city that the Italian city of Naples to host the pizza festival. For a period of 12 days, you can visit Naples flea market, where you get to see and taste some of the most delicious pizza’s in the world. You are mesmerised by the demonstrations of seeing how the perfected dough is made, the different combinations of toppings that will be added and the multitude of herbs and spices that leave your taste buds begging for more.


THE ABERGAVENNY FESTIVAL: It hails from the city of Wales. This festival is usually attended by 35 000 people from around the UK, and it a stroll around Wales’s flea market, where one sees the making of some of the most delicious dishes being made. One gets the pleasure of tasting Indian curries, the world’s most interesting combinations of cheese and mouth-watering creative ice-cream.

THE MONKEY BUFFET IN THAILAND: It is held every year around the November month. This food festival sees the making of 2000 – 6000 kg of food, some of which is prepared by the most skilful chefs displayed outside Thailand’s Som Yot temple. What makes this festival very interesting is that the food is not made for the people, but it’s made for the monkeys that surround the temple. This festival is to honour and express gratitude to the monkeys for bringing tourism to Thailand, and according to the Buddhist religion, sharing your food with monkeys is considered to be good karma.

LA TOMATINA: The list of the top 5 best food festivals in and around would not be complete without mentioning one of the most popular if not the most popular food festival. This is a Spanish festival where locals gather around the city’s time square and they throw tomatoes at each other till every single person is soaking wet in tomato juice.

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