Like my recipe on June 14 and 16, 2013, this is a sponsored post. Castello Alps Selection Cheese was sent to me to enjoy, create recipes, and use for tastings. It has been a lot of fun and not enough time to compile a lot of recipes. As I watched the cheese melt, I thought of the Toas-Tite sandwiches I grew up with in Chicago. We had a grill that was for sandwiches on one side and waffles on the other. Then, in the mid to late 40s, Toas-Tites hit the midwest market. The cheese would melt so nice in these sandwiches, sandwiches were easy to make, Toas-Tite was easy to clean, and best of all, they did not have crusts. I’ve never been found of crusts, so Toas-Tites were a favorite.

Having a nice amount of cheese to work with, I keep thinking of these sandwiches. I found a Toas-Tite online and ordered one. Tonight, we had a sandwich of my memory. The difference was I used 9 grain bread instead of white bread and cooking spray instead of butter or margarine. I decided to use the Weissbier Castello and Classic Castello cheese and it turned out delicious.

Castello Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich

For one sandwich use the following:

2 slices of bread (I like 9 grain or multi-grain)

2 thin slices of Weissbier and 2 thin slices of Classic Castello Cheeses

Cut Grilled Cheese Sandwich Photo: Maralyn D. Hill
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Cut Grilled Cheese Sandwich Photo: Maralyn D. Hill

You could add a slice of ham or turkey if you want.


Spray inside of Toas-Tite with cooking spray.

Place 1 slice of bread on the bottom, then the cheese, and then the second slice of bread.

Close cover over the other side and trim around toasting iron with a knife.

Heat burner to a medium heat.

Toast about 2 minutes on both side.

Open the iron and it will pop out.

My childhood memories came back as the Castello cheese made absolutely delicious sandwiches. My husband was thrilled. I had trouble believing he grew up in Chicago during the same time frame and never experienced these.

I have to say, the Castello cheese was much better than the cheese we used when I was little.

Simple, but delicious. I hope you enjoy. I know I have been delighted to have the opportunity to cook with such a wonderful quality of cheese.


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