Martha’s Vineyard is a curious little island in New England, one of two major tourist destinations along with Nantucket. Being a fisherman’s settlement for most o its history, the island offers to its visitors a look back at how things were back during the 18th-19th century. With its quaint little New England style architecture and the many family oriented tavern restaurants, Martha’s Vineyard still draws tourists from all over the world.

  • The best way to get to the island is by sea. During the summer, there is a ferry carrying cars and tourists almost every hour. It is the best way to get a feeling of what Martha’s Vineyard is all about.
  • Once on the island you can either catch a bus or a cab. If you are going to stay for a week or more, a weekly bus pass is a very good way to save some time and money. You can get one directly from the bus driver.

There are three major towns located on Martha’s Vineyard – Vineyard Haven, Oak Bluffs and Edgertown.
Each one has something interesting to offer, specializing in different types of venues depending on the audience. Vineyard Haven offers a great selection of restaurants, shops and ice cream parlors. Oak Bluffs is oriented towards nightclubs, moped riding and lobster eating and it is home of New England’s oldest Carousel. Visiting Edgertown you can see some amazing colonial houses and dine in style in one of its many prestige restarants. You might also want to check the Upisland part of the island and dive into the beautifukl scenery of Aquinnah and Menemsha.

There are so many restaurants to choose from, it is hard to pick just a few. A definite must would be The Black Dog Tavern in Vineyard Haven. Founded in the late 70s, this tavern served many great seamen during that time. A family oriented restaurant, The Black Dog Tavern astound its customers with great food and a quaint 18th century atmosphere.

The Sand Bar in Oak Bluffs offers great takes on classic American cuisine! A dozen sliders, no problem, coming right up! Everything from lobsters to freshly caught scallops, the restaurant scene around Oak Bluffs is teeming with some very good sea food.

Looking for good, quality accommodations? Just 10 minutes away from down town Edgertown, The Harbor View Hotel is just what you are looking for. It has an on-site restaurants, 2-bars and available sailing lessons.
If you however don’t have the money to pay for an all out excursion, the Island House Hostel will be more than happy to take you in. Prices are more than affordable and the accommodations are satisfactory.

There are literally a ton of things you can do while on the island. Check out Katama beach for some surfing lessons. If you are a nudist you might want to visit the Gay Head Lighthouse in Aquinnah.
If the beach is not really your thing, then you might enjoy a nice evening out. Oak Bluffs is practically full of bars and nightclubs. Why not head down to the Lampost for some late night dancing. Keep in mind that they will card you at the door, so teenagers be ware.

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