In this world of new fangled cocktails, I often return to the old fashioned favorites. One of the many pleasures of living in London was finding a good dry martini. The best one I found was at The Mayflower Hotel. I enjoyed trudging through the snow on a December evening at twilight, and into the warmth of the wood paneled Mayflower bar.


Now I am either in the hot desert of California or muggy Florida on an August night. That first taste of icy gin is heaven.


Since I like bitters, usually found in a Manhattan, here is my latest gin variation for an old and simple pink gin. My inspiration comes from Cedric Dickens, great grandson of Charles, and from watching Downton Abby. The beer shops opened in London in about 1830.


Pink Gin



Dash of Angostura bitters

1 large tot of Plymouth or Hendricks gin

Iced water



Roll a few drops of bitters around a chilled martini glass.

Pour in the cold gin.

Add iced water to taste.


Brenda C. Hill

International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association
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