Bangkok is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the world. The rich heritage of the people and the scenic views are just part of the package. Bangkok travel takes you to a journey of intoxicating diverse culture where one can explore interesting sights and visual delights. It is a city with infinite attractions which one needs to explore on his journey. It you are planning your trip to Bangkok then at least 3 to 5 days are required. The city is to speed with modern times, the grandeur and glory of its illustrations of past still prevails. On your trip you can explore dazzling temples, spectacular palaces, world famous floating market and colorful china town which will help you to discover the beauty of this fabulous city without the need for Ukba process.

And if you a Thai food enthusiast, Bangkok is just the place to be. Quality of food and atmosphere in Bangkok can really fill your senses with delights. It is a well-known fact that Thai cuisines are usually spicy with strong taste of herbs and spices, and Bangkok is no exception for that. However, a number of sweet, sour and bitter dishes are popularly consumed in the capital city by the tourists and the locals alike. Damnoen Saduak, about 100kms west to Bangkok, is the busiest floating market of Thailand, and a must-visit place during tour to Bangkok. However, if you think you have had enough of great traveling experience with all these alone, then have you Explored These Interesting Travel Destinations?

Top Five Interesting Travel Destinations in Bangkok

The Royal Dragon Chinese Style Seafood Restaurant (World largest Restaurant);

Little did many know that they can eat at the world largest restaurant while on a visit to the city of Bangkok? Bangkok is the home to what was alleged the “World’s largest restaurant” The Royal Dragon Chinese style seafood restaurant, which has the capacity to accommodate up to five thousand people at a time, and with a work force of over one thousand people.

  • This is a first class international restaurant with modern facilities and other state of the art equipment at the comfort of every customer. The restaurants has range of life seafood as well as others cuisine, such Asian, Europeans and other continental dishes to allow to experience Asian foods at its best , while also satisfying your appetite.

Pathology and Forensic Museums;

If your vision of a museum is a pretty display of artistic or cultural artifacts, then perhaps the Bangkok Forensic Museum is not for you. This is a strange museum with different concept to the usual museum we are all used to. This museum is located inside a hospital called Siriraj. It is a sinister exhibition center, best for the morbid or for travelers or researches that are searching for something extremely unusual.

  • This museum has a room with the display of babies affected by genetic disorders, each preserved in formaldehyde, while there are older rooms dedicated to all kinds of parasites, their origin and how they affect the human organs. The list is endless. 

Amulet Market;

The Grand Palace Amulet Market is an interesting sight for curious tourist and travelers. Though place is not a tourist attraction in any way. It is meant for Buddhist and people from all parts of the world who are in search of fame, wealth and good luck charm. 

  • This is a place to visit, whether you want the best in your business pursuit, seeking for future partner, want success in politics ambition, want to pass exams or seeking fortune at the highest level. All you will be required to do is to examine the Buddha amulets under magnifying glasses and you are set to begin a new life. 

Ghost Skyscraper;

There is a ghost skyscraper in the city of Bangkok that goes by the name Sathorn Unique. This is a fifty storey skyscraper which was left abandoned in 1997 during the economic crisis of the country. Though, this concrete monolith was supposed to be a luxurious and eye catching residence in the city, but its story is just like that of an isolated city, deserted and totally forgotten by the government.

  • However, this ghost skyscraper has now become a part of the city’s everyday life, because of its strategic location, as people and companies now make use of it as a support for their gigantic advertising banner, anytime there is a need to erect big and gigantic advertisement banners within its vicinity. 

Snake Farm;

You will be amaze to know that there is a Snake farm in Bangkok where you can actually see several hundreds of different species of snakes and possibly learn how to prepare antivenin from venomous snakes to treat snake bites for humans. This place is called queen saovabha memorial, snake farm, located at the Thai Red Cross Institute in Bangkok. 

  • This institute was founded in the year 1923, is fast becoming a very popular institute that specializes in the husbandry of venomous snakes, the extraction and research of snake venom. And while in addition to this, the place also has regular snake performances which will be of interest to you.

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