Meze in Gas Lamp District of San Diego

Meze in Gas Lamp District of San Diego

Norm & Maralyn Hill

Norm & Maralyn Hill

For two days, I’ve walked by Meze and looked in the windows, as they are cleaning windows and inside as well. In the morning, all the chairs are up on the tables and the floor is scrubbed. In the evening the gas lamps/heaters are lit and all is transformed. Tonight, we decided some Greek cuisine would hit the spot, especially when Norm saw they had Saganaki/Flaming Cheese on the menu.

Saganaki/Flaming Cheese Photo: Maralyn D. Hill

Saganaki/Flaming Cheese Photo: Maralyn D. Hill

Our big surprise was we went during Meze hours (4-6 p.m.), so our three appetizers were half price. We went out for a simple supper and enjoyed a delightful experience.

When we entered for seating, I saw the clean floors, but truth be known, I dislike bare floors in restaurants. I know they are easier to clean, but they do not help the acoustics. However, when we sat down and I started looking around in the comfortable surroundings where the noise level was not pleasant, I was shocked. The acoustics in the ceiling has been designed so well, with so many different levels and sound absorbers, it was wonderful. I wish more establishments would take a hint for Meze. In addition to having excellent food, the sound was not deafening, even with the painted cement floors. There is hope.

Greek Appetizers Photo: Maralyn D. Hill

Greek Appetizers Photo: Maralyn D. Hill

On to our enjoyable dinner. We order three appetizers: Saganaki/Flaming Cheese which is pan seared Kassari Greek cheese finished with brandy and fresh lemon juice; Meze Sliders of ground lamb, beef and pork mixed with garlic, onions, mint and fiery feta spread; and fiery feta mac ‘n chefs with fiery feta cheddar and Kasseri cheese, Greek sour cye with penne baked with pita crumbled and feta cheese. For dessert, we shared a crunchy deep fried ice cream covered with a crunch topping, carmel drizzle, strawberries and some whipped cream.

Crunchy Fried Ice Cream Photo: Maralyn D. Hill

Crunchy Fried Ice Cream Photo: Maralyn D. Hill

The service was outstanding and the food was very good. I had expected so-so and it was so good. A nice unexpected difference.

An interesting fact about Meze’s happy hours from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.–in addition to the drinks, the Cold Meze appetizers and Hot Meze appetizers are all half price–not just a limited selection. It is a good way to try it out in a historic part of San Diego. It is on the corner of 6th Street and J Street.


Meze Mediterranean Cuisine

551 J Street

San Diego, CA 92101

619 546-5060


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