Usually, our articles are more stories than tips. However Jack’s tips on staying healthy while traveling are important.  ~MDH
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It doesn’t matter where you travel or how much money you have as your ‘travel’ capital. The important thing is that you are safe, secure and insured in case of any emergency. Now, there are a lot of ways you can approach this problem, securing yourself one nice, healthy travel that the whole family could enjoy, especially you.

Many different destinations around the world have their own selection of colorful bacterial and viral epidemics. The people there don’t mind much, seeing as they are immune due to the fact that they were born and raised in that environment. Travellers on the other hand don’t have said immunities, making them quite susceptible to catching and transmitting foreign diseases.

Buy Insurance

Although frequently expensive, travel insurance is the only way to put your mind at ease. In fact, medial care and treatment overseas can be ridiculously expensive! Make sure that you get good quality insurance, that covers all medical expenses that would arise due to some unforeseen accident. Also, you should get insurance in case your luggage gets stolen, as well as cancellations and interruptions in your flight schedule.

Some insurance companies offer insurance policies that feature one or more immediate family members. You can save a lot of money by having your whole travel group under one easy and comprehensive insurance policy. Beware however that insurance policies change rapidly, and keeping your current information updated must be on day to day basis. Ask your insurance representatives, as to the benefits you will have, and the amount you are covered for.

Go To The Doctor

Your personal MD will provide for you all the integral information about the safety and diseases of the country you wish to travel to. You can also find this online in a Google, Yahoo, Bing, or your favorite search engine search. However your doctor will provide the necessary inoculations and warn you about any other potential risk, associated with your health and well-being. Always keep a copy of your medical file and a detailed description as to all pre-existing diseases that you might have, just in case you run into trouble later.

Remember that viruses mutate while they on the goal, so always make sure you get only the laster vaccines available. Also in some cases, it takes longer for a vaccine to work properly, meaning that a second inoculation might be required. Allow sufficient time.


If you are taking any medication it is advisable that you don’t stop taking them no matter where you are. Ask your personal physician about how and when to take your meds. He must also give you an exact schedule as to when to take your medication. Don’t forget that if you are travelling abroad, there is a big chance that you will be in a different time zone. So adjusting your medication accordingly is an absolute must! Always remember to keep your medications in their original packaging. This way you will have no trouble refilling them when you are on the go. Of course travelling with pain-relief substances, such as class A narcotics (morphine, vicodin, oxycodone etc.) might require for you to get special permission, especially when entering a country which takes the war on drugs very seriously. Never try to hide your pills from the airport people and always comply with the law – if they want to test you pills or whatever.

Travel safe and stay well.

Author Bio: Jack Sheamus is a passionate traveller. During his life he had the chance to visit many tourist destinations and not so well known places. Now Jack lives in London and works for

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