While I’m not wishing this on you, it frequently happens during the holidays, so this post seems appropriate.

It was fortuitous to come across graphs.net where they disseminate interesting and some valuable information in a manner that is intriguing and fun. As a result, I am going to schedule one post a week to brighten your day. Please keep in mind you can sponsor any infographic with your brand/logo. The Graphs.net Team designing services start as low as $99. If you are interested for yourself or your company, please contact editor@graphs.net.

Being stuck in the airport is always boring: having to wait long hours to get another flight or to wait for the bad weather to go away, sitting on lousy chairs and not being able to sleep because the lights are always on… But must these hours be so annoying? Of course not! There are dozens of fun things you could do at your regular airport that you don’t even imagine. Whether you’re a sports lover or an art geek, there are a lot of possibilities. Take as an example the Heathrow Airport, also known as London Heathrow Airport, located west of the city of London, in the United Kingdom. This is the third busiest airport in the world after the Atlanta International Airport and Beijing Capital International Airport, as well as the world’s largest airport in terms of international passenger traffic. So as you can imagine all the odds just in this case. Like many other airports across the planet, Heathrow has a lot to offer to its visitors. There’s even an art gallery in Terminal 5 that you can check! But this is far from being the only airport with a little something to offer and you will be able to find out more about that in our latest infographic. Curious to know what are the 50 things you can do at the airport? – See more at: http://graphs.net/201310/things-to-do-at-an-airport.html#sthash.uutxGIMw.dpuf

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You can sponsor this Infographic with your brand/logo.

Infographic designing services start from $99.

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