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Goa is the smallest state in India by area and by population it is the forth smallest. It is located in the Konkan region West India. It is the richest state in India with a GDP/ capita more than twice that of the whole country.


Based on the twelve indicators, Goa was ranked by the National Commission on Population on top for life best quality in India. The State’s capital is Panaji but the largest city in the state is Vasco da Gama. Goa is visited by many domestic and international tourists due to its renowned places of worship, beaches and architecture world heritage.


Its Western Ghats location classified as biodiversity hot- spot, Goa is very rich with flora and fauna.

The following are life time experiences you can experience in Goa travel tour:

· Snorkelling and Scuba Diving– around Grand Island in Goa, there are some good diving sites including Davy Jones Locker, Suzy’s Wreck, Umma Gumma Reef, Shelter Cove and Bounty Bay. In the island you will see great marine life. November to April is the best time.

At Bogmalo Beach, there is Goa Diving club where you can learn courses on scuba diving and scuba and snorkelling trips and diving.


· Goa Water Sports– initially they were only available in five stars hotel but now all over Goa beaches, water sports are offered. They include water skiing, wind surfing, jet- skiing, wake boarding, banana rides, para- sailing and catamaran sailing. On Calangute Beach is Atlantis Water Sports which is one of the best operators. Prices for the water sports vary from one sport to another and the different operators.


· Goa fishing tours– fishing can be thrilling in Goa. It is best from October to December and late evening and early morning. On Sundays, Saturdays, Thursdays and Wednesdays in Candolim, John’s Boat Tours runs fishing trips. Fishing is operated by commercial or sports fishermen who are licensed. Fishing on the shore, spear fishing in Bat Island and Grand Island, and deep sea fishing are offered for serious fishers.

· Go- Karting in Goa– Goa has the best and cool places for go –karting in South Goa Nuvem, on the Margao Panaji Highway. With lots of twists, the track is almost 0.3 miles. The other place is at Arpora near Ingo’s market where the track is 0.2 miles.


· Camping and trekking in Goa– to trek in Goa, the perfect time is October to December. Each year in october, The Hiking Association in Goa, Panaji plans a major program of trekking. Some good places to hike and trek are Devils Canyon, Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Sahyadri Hills.


· Crocodile and dolphin sight- seeing tours at Goa- crocodile and dolphin spotting is very popular activity in Goa. October to May is the best time. Based in Candolim is a reliable operator called John’s Boat Tours. They offer dolphin trips on Sundays, Saturdays, Thursdays and Tuesdays. On Sundays and Thursdays they run crocodile trips.


· Goa Military Simulation – Paintball – in Milsim located in South Goa Nuvem, you and your family can get a glimpse on battlefield military life. There are mission plans, obstacles and barriers, tactical paintball guns and warfare games.


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