What can you think of when hearing the expression “a winter fairytale”? Where would you go for your own personal winter fairytale, if not in one of the most beautiful mountains in the world? And yes, we are definitely talking about the Swiss Alps and one of the most marvellous resorts worldwide, called Aspen. That’s right – this is the place where you can you have a solid dose of white and fluffy snow during the Christmas holidays.

You are not mistaken at all – each ad about Switzerland looks like a winter fairytale in which time does not matter at all.

And Aspen is exactly one of the places where you can literally observe how the “country known for its watches” will make you forget about time easily – by giving you the amazing opportunity to enjoy your vacation. This winter paradise with its magnificent alpine panorama and full cosy ski resorts and fantastic hotels,  you can have rest and total relaxation. You should definitely consider Aspen – your very own, personal winter fairytale.

Aspen resort – the winter paradise provided by the Swiss Alps.

As you probably know, mountains cover almost 60% of the territory of Switzerland. Swiss Alps and the Jura Mountains are the main mountains in the region, and between them there is located the Swiss plateau, which is about 1,200 metres high. In present days, Switzerland is home to some of the most impressing European ski resorts such as Saint Moritz, Zermatt, Davos, and of course, Aspen.

In the very heart of Switzerland right in the centre of the Swill Alps lies Aspen – one of the most famous and beautiful resorts worldwide. It offer you the opportunity to get a full and total relaxation in some of the best spa hotels in Europe. The resort also offer a variety of entertainment and leisure activities and more than fantastic ski tracks on the continent.

An added benefit is Aspen is near the Swiss border with Italy, which could mean that in the morning you can ski in Switzerland, then you can have lunch in Italy and only in an hour or so you can have a nice fondue (a dish prepared of melted cheese and white wine) in the oldest restaurant in Zermatt. Life is beautiful and so is Aspen – who can actually deny that?

Aspen Resort in Switzerland is the place where you can have literally an unforgettable winter vacation with your family or loved one. The resort provides you with some of the most amazing winter mountain views and facilities not only in Europe but also in the world, and is located on the very crossroad of Kleine Scheidegg and Maennlichen, which are some of the most popular ski areas in the country, which makes it one of the most-desired destinations for winter vacations in Europe.

You will probably ask what is so special about Aspen, besides it is very beautiful, of course, right? One of the best things about the resort is the fact that although it is located on a very communicative place and is visited by thousands of tourists every year, it is also a quiet and cosy resort, which will provide you with all the rest in the world. The hotels and the guest-houses offer its customers the best facilities for relaxation and fantastic and friendly customer service. You will also have the opportunity to try the ski tracks and even enjoy a night skiing adventure right under the stars.


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