Almonds make a wonderful addition to Chocolate Molten Cake. When I saw this recipe from the Almond Board of California, created by Chef Bryan Witcher, it was too good not to share with you for the holidays. In addition to being easy to make, it is delicious.

Chocolate Almond Molten Cake with Almond Ice Cream
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Chocolate Almond Molten Cake with Almond Ice Cream

Chocolate Almond Molten Cake with Almond Ice Creamcreated by: Chef Ryan Witcher 


Chocolate-Almond Molten Cake

1 oz Almond Oil
10 oz Butter (unsalted)
11 oz Dark Chocolate (64%)
5 oz Sugar (granulated)
1 oz Sugar (light brown)
2 oz Almond Flour
2 oz All Purpose Flour
7 Eggs (whole)
4 oz Egg Yolks

Roasted Almond Ice Cream

236 gm Milk (Whole)
50 gm Milk (Almond)
110 gm Sugar (granulated)
42 gm Glucose Powder
80 gm Egg Yolks
1 pod Vanilla Bean
236 gm Heavy Cream
100 gm Whole Almonds (toasted)

Almond Crunch

10 tbs Isomalt
5 oz Almonds (finely chopped, toasted)

Raspberry Sauce

8 oz Raspberry Puree
2 oz Sugar (raw)
Lemon (to taste)


Chocolate-Almond Molten Cake

Place almond oil, butter and chocolate in a metal bowl on top of a sauce pot with boiling water (double boiler).
Whisk the sugar, light brown sugar, whole eggs and egg yolks together until well blended.
Whisk the chocolate mixture into the egg mixture until thoroughly incorporated.
Whisk in almond flour and all purpose flour into chocolate mixture.
Scoop into 4-ounce aluminum tins immediately.

Roasted Almond Ice Cream

Bring the milk, almond milk, heavy cream and vanilla bean to a boil.
Combine the sugar and glucose powder together and slowly whisk into boiling milk.
Add the toasted almonds and cover. Allow to steep for 10 minutes.
Pour mix into a blender and pulse.
Strain mixture through a chinoise into a sauce pot.
Bring mixture back to a boil.
Temper in the yolks and turn mixture off.
Using a spatula continue to stir until mixture becomes thick.
Strain into a bowl and place over an ice-bath.
Put cool mixture into paco jet container and freeze or place into ice cream machine.
After ice cream is churned place into pastry bag.

Almond Crunch

Place 1 tablespoon onto silpat and bake at 300° F until melted.
Sprinkle toasted almonds on top and mold sugar around cannoli tube.
Store in air tight container until needed.

Raspberry Sauce

Heat Raspberry Puree and sugar together until sugar is dissolved
Add in fresh lemon juice to taste

Assembly:  Place molten cake into oven at 360°F for 10-12 minutes.  Pipe almond ice cream into the sugar tube and arrange on plate. Take care in this step, as the sugar is fragile. Decorate plate with raspberry sauce. Take molten cake out of the oven and unmold directly onto the plate. Enjoy.


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