By  Alex Pejak

While traveling with children can be a rewarding and memorable adventure, it equally presents an opportunity for all the joy to turn sour especially if the necessary precautionary measures are not taken. Before I say bon voyage let me offer you some informative safety tips you can rely on as you prepare to travel with your children.

Health tips

Your health and that of your children has a big role to play to ensure that you are safe when traveling. If your children are on medication make sure you carry enough of it to last them till they travel back. This will spare you from feeling insecure whenever you travel with them.

Carry the drugs in their labeled containers and check what you are allowed to bring on board.

Do not allow the children to eat everything they may desire on the way. Establish an eating routine that will keep their health safe when traveling.

Do not hesitate to communicate with your doctor if any of your children start developing signs of weakness. If it is not possible to reach him make sure you pay close attention to the medical staff and health facilities you may opt to visit. Also, explain the condition of the child in details.

Avoid traveling to places with extreme weather conditions or those that can pose a health challenge to you and the children especially if you know one of you reacts in a sickly manner to such environments. Many have passed on in their trips abroad due to unfavorable weather conditions.

If you double up as pregnant parent choose the transport means that will guarantee health safety to you, your unborn child and ones on board. Avoid traveling by air frequently when expectant as this has been found to have some negative health effect on unborn children depending on the health of the mother.

Accommodation tips

Book a hotel that is safe and easily accessible. The wisest way to do this is by doing your own research of the town or place you are going to spend the first night in. But if you do so and don’t get the best hotel, you will still have acted responsibly—that matters!

Before paying for the rooms, request to have a look at the state of the rooms. There is nothing wrong with such a move since not all that glitters is gold. Check the condition of your room and the children’s rooms.

Examine the doors carefully and determine whether the locks are in good condition. Pay attention to your instincts. Check for sharp objects or furniture corners that may cause injury to the children.

Look out for fire exit and assembly points. Advise your children on what to do in case of such an emergency.

Check the lighting system and if possible test the electrical outlets in the room.

If you feel satisfied and ready to get some rest as a family you can pay for the rooms. If otherwise, don’t!

Take hold of the keys and be careful with them. When you leave for your day activities avoid talking about where you and your children are staying especially if you are with a team you do not trust.

Advise the children that once in their rooms they should not respond to any knock on the door unless they are sure it is you. Always alert the staff at the reception desk immediately if something like this happens. DO NOT rush to get out of the room yourself.

Whether you are single or with your partner, avoid being bossy by demanding a lot of room service; treat the room as your own bedroom where only the two of you are welcome—you know what I mean. Before you sleep always remind the children to ensure that the doors are LOCKED.

Finance tips

Make a budget and stick to it. Do not allow your children to make you spend money on everything they see appealing on the way. Having your finances in order will make sure your trip is a success as so much depends on money. However, as a backup tactic you need to take out travel insurance before a trip.

An insurance cover bears the financial burden of things that go wrong when you travel. In the ugly eventuality that bad luck strikes, you will not be stressed with sorting it out with your own finances; after all, you will have spent too much on the trip considering you have children on board.

You need to choose the most financially friendly policy and one that covers all that you feel is important. This calls for a good policy shopping before you travel. You can consult policy brokers and they will give you reliable and professional advice.

There are various things you may want to have covered depending on the intended travel activities. The following are some of the most covered issues: emergency medical treatment, medical evacuation, cancellation, trip interruption and curtailment, missed departure, personal liability, accident, belongings and legal expenses.

Taking such a cover will ensure that you will have less to worry about if things don’t work out as planned.

Discipline tips

Keep an eye on the children just to make sure they are not making unnecessary movements in and around the airport, bus station, hotel or other sensitive areas you may visit.

Ask your children to be polite to other traveler and cooperate with the operations staff.

Insist that they have to use the necessary equipment for various activities e.g. helmets for bike racing and life vests.

Advise your children not to accept any gifts or goods offered by strangers.

Supervise them when crossing the streets.

Set strict discipline rules and define appropriate punishment.

Traveling can be fun on one hand and a nightmare on the other. It is your responsibility to ensure that your children are safe whenever you opt to travel with them. Remember keeping them safe is an act of love and an assurance that you care about them.

And finally, bon voyage!

About the Author: I’m an economics graduate with a degree in Finance and Banking. I love to travel and later blog about my experiences, but I also enjoy writing on subjects relating to my experience.

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