By Donna Spencer

You may not know anything about the minicab prices’ trends around the world if you have never left your city or country. But, if you are planning a trip, it is necessary to know the minicab rates in the most prominent cities as they are incredibly high. It is recommended to look out for other alternative transportation if you are planning to visit these cities.

There are 5 cities around the globe with the highest minicab rates listed here that will make you wonder what transportation you should prefer if you have a tight budget.


The first in the list is the city situated in the Netherlands. It is quite better to ride a bicycle or reach the destination on foot when in Amsterdam. It is recommended that one should take a fast train to an airport or from an airport. A cab from the main airport will cost somewhere around €40. In case you simply can’t do without a cab, you should ensure that the counter of the cab has been turned on by the driver. The drivers are quite a big mouth when blurting out the price of the ride after the trip is over. One should not be fooled with this price as it is quite higher than the actual price on the counter.


You can take a cab in this city if €50 is not that much worth to you and you could easily spare it. Helsinki is the second in the list, a city situated in Finland. If the €50 is worth to you and prefer keeping it in your pockets, you could take a public transportation. Buses arrive every 20 minutes at the station, the tickets for which will cost you just €10. So, if you are not in a hurry to reach the destination, you should definitely go with this option. In case, you simply couldn’t move around without a cab, remember that you will not be able to catch it in the street – the way people normally do in Los Angeles. Cabs could be called up for or taken up at a special lot.


You could definitely afford a cab in Monaco if you have just cashed in millions in a casino here. However, not all people are so lucky to spend €50 on a minicab ride. A regular bus is far more economical in this city. There are 6 routes for bus in Monaco, and they are connected with all the main sights and interesting tourist places. We have placed Monaco at the third place here.


Only a real millionaire could afford a taxi in this city, which as a whole is a pretty expensive city. This city is the capital of Norway, visited by many tourists round the year. However, not all of them are aware that a short trip could very well turn into the most unfortunate one simply because of the huge minicab fare. More money is spent by most of the people while travelling from the airport to the hotel, than the overall trip.


One of the most expensive cities in the world, how could it be left behind in being expensive for taxi fares as well? Tourists who have well experienced the expenses in Zurich, Switzerland, claim that the fare of the taxi is enough to buy expensive Swiss chocolate or cheese and then travel using a public tram.

It is strongly advised to check out online and do a thorough research on the minicab fares of the place that you are planning to visit. The quickest way could also be to ask the operator at the hotel where you will be staying and you will get a rough idea on the fares that are prevalent at the new places.

Author Bio:
Donna Spencer, a blogger and a frequent traveller is keen to guide you for hiring best suited minicab services and so she is having good knowledge of minicab quotes too.