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Are you planning to visit New York City? If yes, than of course there are a number of reasons to visit this wonderful place. It is probably one of the busiest and most populated states in America that has something for everyone. There are plenty of opportunities for tourists regardless of what time of day or night it is, one can find something to do, New York just never seems to sleep.

 These days, a lot of Cheap Flights to New York is available for people, which makes it easy for them to keep New York on their travel list. Apart from this, the other reasons that make this place worth visiting are:

Art and History: When thinking about from where to begin exploring this place, you can visit some of the country’s museums in New York. Some of the must visit world-class museums of NYC are

  • The American Museum of Natural History- you’ll get to see the remains of dinosaur bones and other marvels of the natural world.

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art- to witness mechanism such as earliest Egyptian paintings, work of art by famous people and innovative assembles from renowned artists.

  • Other Museums: the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum, the Brooklyn Museum and many more.

Landmarks and other attractions: New York City has so many well-known landmarks and attractions. The top most attractions include:

  • The Statue of Liberty: This wonderful attraction, which is located on Liberty Island, is a must see attraction in NYC. It is a symbol of political freedom and democracy.

  • Ellis Island: The Ellis Island, which is the port where migrants come intothe United States, is also worth looking place located near the Statue of Liberty.

  • Empire State Building: It is another most outstanding attraction in NYC, which is around 1,250-feet (381 meters). One can enjoy the panoramic views of New York City through the observation floors of the 86th and 102nd floors of this building.

  • The United Nations Building: This building is a symbol of international cooperation and accessible to the public through guided tours.

  • The Rockefeller Center: This is also one of the most visited attractions in NYC. It is a massive commercial complex, which is designed in the Art Deco. Furthermore, it includes various shops and restaurants occupying the underground passages.

 Entertainment: New York City is also a city of entertainment. Some of the must visit entertainment areas include:

  • Manhattan’s Times Square: It is a Spanish-style venue for theater, music and dance. Moreover, it is a home to the Broadway theaters that offers large-scale musical productions.

  • Madison Square Garden & Radio City Music Hall: These are the most famous destinations for many performing pop stars and groups.

  • Other entertainment venues: Some other entertainment venues in NYC include the comedy clubs, music clubs and cinemas.

Food: People, who visit New York City, never feel short on food options as this city offers everything from dinning to street vendors. One can get their choice of food items with modern and traditional fare. You can find a large number of restaurants offering huge variety of food items to help you have a great meal.

 Shopper’s paradise: This city is also known as shopper’s paradise, which offers a superior range of products whether it’s leather goods, electronic items, fashionable clothes and shoes, watches, or any thing else. One can find here a lot of department stores, shopping malls, markets and independent stores. One of the leading shopping streets includes Fifth and Madison Avenues, where you can find all the big name brands. The bargain hunters can checkout for places like Fulton Street Mall, Orchard Street, Fordham Road and Jamaica Avenue for huge discounts on their choice of products.

 So, these reasons are more than enough to grab your visit to this wonderful city and have a life time memorable experience.

 Author Bio:

 Martin is a business consultant in New York. He is passionate about travelling to various parts of the world. He likes to write and share his tips and advices on holidays, advantages of booking cheap flights to New York and reasons to visit this wonderful place.

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