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The American tradition of hitting the road during the summer months is about to start in earnest, but traveling brings up a variety of security and privacy issues especially on the heels of a number of hotels recently being hacked. Trend Micro, a global developer of security solutions, has taken a look at the upcoming travel season and has provided a number of security issues travelers should avoid and suggestion on how to avoid those situations.


Be aware of these cybersecurity vulnerabilities when traveling:


  • Never assume public Wi-Fi networks are secure
  • Use hotel computers, such as in business centers, for only the most minor of tasks
  • Avoid access critical information such as banking accounts or credit card data over a hotel computer, hotel Wi-Fi, or airport hotspots
  • Do not announce travel plans publically on social networks
  • Use credit cards instead of debt cards at hotels, gift shops and restaurants


What to do while traveling to ensure security and privacy:


  • Make sure all laptops, tablets and smartphones have their password functions enabled, so in case of theft, they cannot be broken into
  • Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features on devices to avoid creating unsecure openings in web-enabled devices
  • Leave unneeded devices at home
  • Install security software that blocks hazardous threats online and helps find and recover lost or stolen devices and data
  • Uninstall social network apps to ensure thieves cannot post as you if your device is lost or stolen
  • Install and use as much as possible VPN software that encrypts network communications


“The single most effective tip I can give is to just relax, unplug and leave all your devices at home and enjoy a real vacation,” said Christopher Budd, Trend Micro’s global threat communications manager. “You can work around not having your devices. For instance, you can rent a simple cell phone for emergencies instead of bringing a smartphone and you can read a real paper book, instead of bringing a tablet.  We often get so wrapped up in the latest and greatest technology that we don’t understand what we actually need. Sometimes older technology can fit our needs just fine and when we’re on vacation is a great example of when they can.”


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