By Daniel Clark

For the past decade, Sri Lanka vowed to compete with the world to erect more of the tallest buildings in the world.

The effort has seen the development of several skyscrapers that have been beneficial to Sri Lanka in terms of tourism, housing and for commercial purposes.

All of these tallest structures were built up in the Colombo region of Sri Lanka, which is the biggest city and commercial capital.
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Here is Sri Lanka’s top 10 tallest building you must see. 

World trade Center

  • World Trade Center in Sri Lanka is on now the tallest building in the capital, located in the Echelon square in Colombo.

  • This skyscraper is a twin tower just like the World Trade Center in the United State of America, both of which have 39 stores.

  • Being the tallest both tower measures the height of 152 meters, which is equivalent to 499 feet. 

Empire Tower 1

  • Completed in 2009, Empire tower is residential building and the second tallest building in Sri Lanka.

  • The Empire tower 1 measures 142 meters high that is equivalent to 466 feet,

  • You will definitely fall in love with the latest architecture and the cool serenity of the area.

Gs Tower

  • Gs tower holds the number 3 spot of top 10 tallest building in Sri Lanka; the construction was completed in 2010 with 36 floors.

  • The Gs tower is used for both commercial and residential purposes with 135 meters high. 

Empire Tower 2

  • While building the Empire Tower 1, the developers decided to cut down the number of stories in Empire Tower 2.

  • The Empire tower 2 was finished the same year as the Empire Tower 1, but with 35 beautiful floors measuring 132 meters, equivalent to 422 feet high.

  • This fourth tallest building is also for residential.

The Emperor

  • The emperor-building match up to its name, the building was constructed alongside other magnificent building with a perfect view of the ocean.

  • The Emperor holds the fifth position, but has the same height as the Empire tower 2 measuring 132 meters and 35 floors.

  • The Emperor is also a residential building, which was finished in 2011.

Hilton Residencies

  • Hilton residencies are one of the earliest buildings in the capital of Sri Lanka, constructed in 1997 this building is used both for commercial and residential mostly at the top,

  • The strategic position of Hilton gives you the advantage to see both the city and the ocean.

  • Hilton has 34 storeys and a peak of 423 feet, equivalent to 129 meters high.

Royal Park Tower 1 and 2

  • The royal park towers are hardly like the World trade Center buildings in Sri Lanka but they do not carry the twin tower title.

  • Both built and holds numbs the top seven spot in the tallest building in Sri Lanka.

  • Both Royal Park towers measures 120 meters that is 390 feet high. 

Iceland residencies

  • Iceland residencies construction was built to completion in 2008; this includes the Iceland residencies 2 both having the eighth place.

  • Iceland buildings were constructed for residential designs and one of the beautiful landmarks in Sri Lanka capital.

  • The buildings have 31 floors with the latest finishing with tiles and marbles.

Havelock City Park Tower and Elibank Tower

  • Havelock Towers are the ninth tallest building in Sri Lanka; both were constructed purposely for residential.

  • Both towers are perfect for residents as they are near Havelock town and several lower and high schools.

  • Completed in 2010 both towers have the same height of 115 meters high and 22 stories.

Monarch Tower

  • Last but not the least Monarch tower is the 10th tallest building in Sri Lanka holding 30 bases, the column was constructed in 2007 and is fully occupied by residence.

  • Monarch tower is closest to the main road and the railway next to the ocean measuring 113.5 meters, equivalent to 372 feet tall.

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