Your Greek holiday will never be complete without a trip to Marmaris, an exotic port town in Turkey that is just 45 minutes away from Rhodes Island in Greece. Choose from a variety of activities including boating, diving, sailing and cruising or simply enjoy the pleasures of this beautiful Mediterranean town, there’s something for everyone here!

Enjoy a walking tour in Marmaris

There is a lot that Marmaris can offer for sightseeing, entertainment, shopping and eating. You can design and book your own tour to suit your mood and time. You can book a walking tour in Marmaris that takes you to the Marmaris Castle, the Mosque, Marmaris old town, the Amphitheatre, the Grand Bazaar area and the Marmaris Marina. Watch picturesque boats and the life in a small town as you rest, relax and enjoy yourself. Don’t miss shopping in some of the local shops in Marmaris for exotic memorabilia. You can get some really fantastic artwork for a great price here!

Jeep Safari in Marmaris

If you are looking for some holiday adventure in Marmaris, you need to simply book the Jeep Safari in Marmaris. You get to explore the spellbinding Bozburun Peninsula as well as the Marmaris National Park in all-terrain vehicles and military designed jeeps. There is simply nothing in the world to match your excitement when you go past the effervescent waterfalls, the enthralling beaches, the hamlets that retain their old world charm and of course, the awesome landscapes that change by the minute.

Boating on your mind? Try the boat tours

Marmaris is located on the Mediterranean coastline. This means you can look forward to a varied range of water sports and activities. Enjoy fun-filled boat tours to the nearby Aegean Islands or take a tour of the Marmaris Dolphin Park. Enjoy thrilling adventures at the Marmaris Water Park at Atlantis enjoy to your heart’s content with boat sailing activities and private boat tours on the Marmaris coastline. Of course, for the more adventurous, the added pleasure of scuba diving in the turquoise waters is definitely not to be missed for anything.

Sightseeing in Marmaris

Marmaris has plentiful beaches and the resort town is usually brimming with activities and visitors. But you must know that just 30-mins away from the centre of the town are quaint Turkish hamlets that allow you a glimpse into their lives. Enjoy the leisure of living and eat and shop as long as you like. Private tours can be arranged for visitors who decide how much time they would like to spend.

There is indeed a lot to do and see in and around Marmaris. But the other attractions on this Mediterranean coastline include Icmeler, Ephesus, Pamukkale and Daylan, each destination as exotic and fun-filled as the other.

With only your Schengen Visa needed to enter this Turkish town, you need little persuasion to plan your next trip here. Your Greek or Turkish sojourn will never be complete without a trip to Marmaris. Make sure you have it on your itinerary!

About the author: The article is penned by Mike Arnill who is self confessed travel fanatic and he’s explored the wonderful and scenic area of Mamaris extensively. If you are looking for tips on Marmaris Tours then you would find to be an excellent resource.