What is the best way to travel? The answers would be, getting the cheapest flights, booking early, booking on weekdays and so on. However, half of the facts are veiled in untruth. You have to understand that cheap flights cannot just be booked in a jiffy. You have to take into consideration many aspects. Let us take a look at some myths prevailing about cheap flight booking.

Tuesdays Are Good- Weekends Are Worst

This is probably the most famous myth that people are talking about. It is not totally untrue. There were times, when the airlines used to have particular days, in which the travellers could book their flight at reasonable rates. Nowadays, the fares of most airlines are updated electronically at every hour of the day.

They use money management system, based on the calculation of how many seats are left to be allotted in a particular flight. There are some deals which are released on Tuesday afternoon which you can grab it as a last minute discount. Some airlines release their weekend deals on particular days to give their passengers the benefit of cheap travelling. However, these deals are not always guaranteed. The last minute tickets might be very expensive or can be sold-out flights. So for travelling at a peaceful rate, it is wiser to book in advance.

Everyone In My Class Has Paid The Same Amount
The prices vary according to the facilities and reputation of the airlines. The flights acquire popularity by their lavish amenities. As a result the prices tend to rise. You are aware of the fact that the seats on the airlines are nothing without the passengers. The aircraft needs every seat to be sold.

The seats are divided into buckets and their price ranges also vary accordingly. You have to pay a bit more to get a window seat. You know that, don’t you? Sometimes, these seats are not sold at a fast pace as expected by the airlines. So, in order to upgrade the sales these people lower the prices to attract more passengers to the last minute bookings.

On the contrary, if the seats are sold like hot potatoes, the prices won’t change.  They would rise even higher. It generally happens during the festive season, where there is more rush to eminent destinations. Air-fare prices are very flexible and they tend to change every hour.

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Round Trips On Saturday Nights Are Cheap

Round-trip on Saturday night seemed to be a child’s play for the businesspersons and people who were travelling for holidays. They could afford the high price-range. Then the low-budget fliers gave more money which was the double of two one way fares. Unanimously, the other airlines started to blend with this price rates which removed the tag of low cost carriers to no longer low. If you are looking for a difficult route where there are few airlines to get into, then you might consider this option. Compare Cheap Flights with 123.CheapTravel.co.uk, which gives you several options to fly effortlessly within the limitation of your budget.

Online Booking Is Cheap

Are you aware of the hidden fees on online booking of flights? There are travel agents who accept hidden payments through cash, cheque and credit card options, so be very careful while scrolling for finding cheap fares. You would be charged for the baggage allowance on the airport, for extra food, or check in for baggage. This all includes in the flight fares which makes it more than the affordable price. However with your tactful vigilance, you can still avail the cheapest flight rates. Your wait is over now, pack your bags and fly in the golden sky.

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