By Flora Cox

Bahrain is one of the most pleasurable tourist destinations in the Asian continent especially for those with deep interest in cruising. An ancient nation with modern complex buildings and lifestyle, this shallow watered country is the ideal cruising place both for amateurs and perennial cruisers. Most places in this Country are known for this pleasurable activity with the following being the best ahead of the rest especially for high end clients.

Coral Bay Full of adventure and pleasurable moments you have several reasons to opt for this destination as the place to go cruising as it offers;

  • Glimpse of Arabic scenery from inside the cruise ships. With the spectacular scenery and modern day complex buildings, your cruising experience is bound to be unforgettable.
  • Dolphin racing entertainments that goes hand in hand with cruising making it not only a riding experience but a pleasurable moment of wonder. For first time cruisers, you might find yourself deep into the racing and forget what you really went out for.

Hamala Beach

Situated on the high end sides of Bahrain, this is yet another favorable cruising spot. Along with its proximity to the capital city, other factors favor this place as an ideal cruising destination. These include;

  • Comfortable and state of art accommodation for visitors round the cruising beaches. This makes it the perfect place to go on a vacation and not only a day’s tour.
  • High end cruise ships with on board leisure facilities including swimming pools and Jacuzzi. This ensures that the time spent on board is pleasurable.

Al Jazair You will out rightly like this beach from the word go. If there is one thing you can’t fail to notice then it is the unique beauty it possesses. Besides;

  • It is easily accessible for most parts of the country making it a perfect cruising destination to approach regardless of the place you are in.
  • It offers an unsurpassed view of the sea from where you can cruise and have a glimpse of the wavering Arabic beauty.

Al Der Islands Surrounded by crystal clear water and coral reefs, this is yet another amazing place to visit for cruising leisure. In addition;

  • It presents cruisers with the unique opportunity of relaxing in Private beaches, a feat that is undoubtedly not mean.
  • Its Cruisers’ special perks come with cruise fitness instructors ensuring that you keep and remain fit for the entire period you are on board.

Asry Beach This is yet another Middle East Cruising destination with lot more to offer tourists. From once in a lifetime cruise ship rides to amazing sporting experiences, you will have everything to like in Asry Beach. Moreover;

  • Its cruise perks are more often inclusive of site shore tours with panoramic view of the beautiful Arabic scenery.
  • It has special welcome aboard package for Cruise holiday celebrations making it the ideal surprise destination for your spouse or friend on a special birthday anniversary. You have all the reasons to get a Bahrain visa for this destination as this special package also comes with a special card gift suiting the occasion with the recipients and sender’s details specially encrypted on them.

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