The OCEAN Organic Vodka Mill Camp Mojito by Gabriel Harvey

1 ½ oz Ocean Vodka
1 ½ oz Calamansi Lime Juice
1 ¼ oz Raw Sugar Simple Syrup
3 Shiso Leaves
3 Calamansi, halved
3 Ginger Slices (nickel size)
Sugar Cane Stick
Kim Chee Powder
Muddle the Shiso leaves and ginger together until the oil are extracted from both and the leaves break apart. Add Ocean Vodka, calamansi lime juice, raw sugar simple syrup and crushed ice. Shake vigorously and pour into a stemmed tropical glass. Cut 3 Calamansi limes in half. Add 3 of the halves into the glass and stir lightly. Skewer the remaining 3 halves with the sugar cane stick and dip them into the Kim Chee powder. Place one Shiso leaf and the cane skewer into the drink as garnishment, enjoy!


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