Nobody would want to pay much for meals while backpacking. Well, in Istanbul there are plenty of tasty meal options that can be found at reasonable prices. For just a price of between 5TL to 15TL you will get cuisines that will confuse your taste buds.

Kofte (Meatball)
Istanbul is the king of meat balls. This is one of best Turkish cuisine over the fifty different meatballs that include;
*Izmir kofte
*Inegol kofte
*Kadinbudu kofte
the best kofte are found in Sultanahmet for just 15TL and it comes with a drink.

Manti (Dumpling)
this is boiled meat which is taken then wrapped by dough, and it has a stunning taste. Once you try this tasty meal you will be addicted. Manti is served with yoghurt but is recommended you add sauce and spices if you are fan.

this is not a Turkish cuisine but it sure feels like it once it’s made. it’s something like a pizza but a Turkish one, since it’s a dough based dish which is has cheese on top and other spicy options such as meat, mushrooms, tomatoes etc. this meal is affordable, tasty and will fill your belly if you are on a budget.

Doner Kebab
this dish is made of either veal, chicken or beef. It’s a classic kind of dish in Istanbul yet it’s irreplaceable. It’s served inside a bread or on a plate. However, I would recommend you take the doner inside a pita, hence the name “tombik doner”. This meal is found almost everywhere in Istanbul and it only costs as a little as 5TL and if you want a chicken doner the cheaper the price.

sandwiches made from fish are common almost everywhere in the globe. They make a great snack such as “Eminonu” or “Karakoy”. These sandwiches are served from floating boats by the golden horn and they cost 5TL in Istanbul. 

this is a rice dish- served with all different kinds of stew such as beans, chicken etc. the meal only costs a mere 5TL and is also served with a popular yogurt drink called “ayran”. These meals can be taken either on the go- from food carts or in a restaurant.
this is a similar dish as “Pide”. This is a Turkish pizza only that the ground meat are spread on the thin crust, but to do it like the Turks, just before you take a bite you must add a bit of greens inside then squeeze some lemon juice on top of it. For only a mere 2.5TL per piece of “Lahmacun” you probably would not stop eating those scrumptious, crunchy and delicious cuisines if only you wouldn’t feel like exploding after taking one or two.


this is just beef taken and diced thinly then cooked with plenty of Turkish spices. It is served inside a bread, but its unique flavours have just made the “Tantuni” taste like heaven. The taste alone has led to a boom in Istiklal Avenue.

this is just kebab that is wrapped with a special type of bread called “lavas”. You can add sauces and other spices in it if you like. Tasty meals but cheap as a cup of coffee.

So if you are a food lover what are you waiting for? Go and apply for a Turkish e visa, and visit the beautiful country with beautiful and tasty foods.

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