Australia has one of the best tourist attractions in the world. A visit to Australia will leave you with great stories to liven up your dinner parties. Australia, offering an opportunity to see the largest espresso machine in the world, an opportunity to visit a diamond mine and lastly an opportunity to see a cockroach race, is the country to visit. Below are the best five tourist attractions in Australia.

The McKenna Air bar.

• The McKenna Air bar located on Sydney’s Cockatoo Island is a great tourist attraction.

• The place offers a good vicinity of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane all at the same time as you take your meal.

• Dinner guests at the McKenna Air bar are hoisted 164 feet above the ocean by a crane.

• The crane carries 22 people and inside it is a violinist who plays you the violin as people enjoy dinner and drinks.

The Argyle Diamond Mine

• Situated in the Kimberly region of Western Australia the argyle diamond mine is the largest surface mine and also one of largest diamond providers in the world.

• The mine produces about 38 million carats of diamond an year

• A trip to the mine ends with a visit to the diamond viewing room where you see different types of diamond.

• The Argyle diamond mine receives thousands of tourists a year and is a must visit place for anyone with a passion of viewing diamonds

The Nullarbor Links.

This is a perfect tourist destination for golf players.

• It is the world longest golf course measuring 1365 kilometers and has 18 golf holes.

• It receives tourist from all over the world, most of them coming to play golf while the other come to see the Nullarbor’s eye-catching landscape.

The cockroach racing

• This is a cockroach racing activity which takes place in Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

• The race started In 1982 when neighbors started arguing on who had the largest cockroach and as the argument grew and continued, the neighbors agreed that they would each catch a cockroach bring it in a nearby pub and have a race between their cockroaches.

• Since then, the cockroach race has been a tradition and for the last twenty years it has been hosted by the bridge hotel.

• The race takes place in a big box and then it’s televised so that spectators can view it clearly.

• This event is a great tourist attraction that you can’t afford to miss. To view the event, you need to come with your own cockroach or buy one at the event.

The Drivable war memorial


• Located along the great ocean road between Torquay and warrnambool is the Drivable war memorial, a great tourist attraction, and the only drivable war memorial in the world.

• The memorial was opened by returning veterans in 1919 as a dedication to the soldiers who perished in world war one.

• The memorial has a unique architecture and was entirely build by hand; it took 3,000 diggers and 13 years for the memorial to be completed.

• Stretching over hundreds of kilometers, The Drivable War Memorial, is the largest memorial in the world and a must visit place for everyone.

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