By Melody Cleo

Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and the fifth most populated in the United States. Being a big city makes it have numerous attractions and is a popular destination for tourists and visitors in the United States. I will give you popular destinations in Philadelphia and things you can get to do while touring Philadelphia. Here are the most popular sites you can get to visit in Philadelphia.

1. The Benjamin Franklin Museum.

This is a historical place to visit it is a museum dedicated to the life, legacy and times of Philadelphia’s founding Father. This is one of the greatest attractions and the museum is now open after two year revitalization. The museum features computer animations, personal artifacts and self-speaking displays showing the Founding Fathers life as a statesman and a private citizen. It also exhibits educational and fun ways to study and understand about Benjamin Franklin and the eighteenth century. Different rooms in the Museum reflect numerous aspects of the founding Fathers personality and character as a strategist, curious and a man full of wonders.

2. The Adventure Aquarium 

The adventure Aquarium is a Tourist and fun filled attraction you cannot miss to visit while touring Philadelphia. It is located on the Delaware River Water front some minutes from down town. Now branded as the “Hippo Haven”. You will get to engage with a colourful exhibition that will allow you to get close to two hippos as you get to experience a day in the life of an African river. You will get to view the Hippos both from below and above the water as they enjoy the renovate Aquarium Gallon. You your friends and family can get to walk through a tunnel of sharks. The adventure aquarium has more than eight thousand aquatic species and a home of the largest collection of sharks on the East coast. This is the only aquarium in the world exhibiting Hippos.


3. Fireman’s Hall

This is the History of fire fighting in a old fire house that is also known a s a popular attraction when visiting Philadelphia. It is located on the site of Engine Company number eight which was founded by the founding Father of Philadelphia in the eighteenth century. Now operated by the fire department you will get to experience Philadelphia historic district that is dedicated to the science and art of firefighting. There is a display of firefighting equipment for the last three centuries. You will get to see helmets, parade hats and helmets fire marks used from back from the eighteenth century. The docents of firefighting keep the machines shiny and spotless that creates a romantic view of the dangerous world of firefighting this is a must visit place for you and your family in Philadelphia.

4. The Philadelphia Zoo

This is also known as the oldest Zoo in the United States. Which has the big cats now have access to a new overhead trail system that is fun to see and also secure from the wild animals. You will get to experience the best laid out and the zoo with the most animals in the United States. Built in the Victorian garden the zoo has tree-lined walks, ornate iron cages and animal sculptures that will make you have a fun view to see the wild animals. The zoo has garnered many firsts apart from being chartered as the first Zoo in the United States. The zoo is known for its historic architecture and having a botanical collection of more than five hundred species of plants.

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