By Joseph Young

Planning to pack your bags for Norway? It will be a lifetime experience as the destination appeals everyone at the first glance. Norway is indeed one of the most pristine countries on the planet and welcome tourists and travel lovers from all across the world. From Opera House to Svalbard, here are the top sights for travelers.

1. Oslo Opera House

If you are a music enthusiast, visiting to Oslo Opera House in Norway will be a lifetime experience. The magnificent Opera House has quickly become the most contemporary buildings of Scandinavia in Norway.

You can easily notice the beautiful design of the building, which costs around €500 million. The Opera House was launched in 2008, and signifies a glacier floating in the water. The subtle building does not look impressive at the first glance but certainly will leave you amazed when you will get into the details of its unique architecture and design. The building appears most magical in the winter season and to watch it, you will need to join a guide tour, in which you will be provided with a guide who will explain you the artistic symbolism of each building. You will also know about some of the secrets of the legendry building.

2. Hurtigruten coastal ferry

Do you simply want to hang around? The iconic Hurtigruten coastal ferry is certain to take you on some of the most splendid coastal journeys.

On your daily tour, you will be watching the Bergen and Kirkenes, while dipping into coastal fjords, located at the peaceful, isolated villages. These villages are not accessible by road but showcase the most wonderful coast of Norway. In the process, you can get to the place within 5 or 6 days, which would take months otherwise on land. So, basically it covers most of the glorious coast of Norway.

3. Svalbard

If you are an adventure and nature lover, Svalbard is the place you must not miss to watch at all. It is a true place of the heart that you would find absolutely accessible.

Being one of the most wilderness areas of Europe, Svalbard is Europe’s most beautiful region of the polar north that offers a rich array of Arctic Wildlife and also covered with peaceful snow. If you are going to Norway for a vacation, do watch out Svalbard, which will take you to the world of real ecstasy.

4. Wildlife-watching

Having the most signature and intriguing wildlife, visiting it is a highly recommended option if you adore adventure in life.

Norway will reveal you the stumble polar bears, reindeer, arctic foxes, and other species when you would be exploring the Norwegian wild region.

A dedicated safari tour would take you within the insights of the Norway and you will it- from the bird life, to watching the staple of the Nordland coast, around Vesterålen and Lofoten.

5. Pulpit Rock

If you are a landscape lover, Pulpit Rock is the place meant to enhance your travel experience. Pulpit Rock is one of Norway’s legendry and eye-catching areas, which amaze the first-time visitors for sure. The place of rock is amazing enough to click pictures and you will always find yourself drawn towards the edge. If you go by hiking, it will involve a full-day trip from Stavanger.

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Do not take much time to fly to Norway that is waiting to make your trip exceptionally incredible.


Joseph Young