Top Fitness Exercises for Anyone Over 40

For men and women aged over 40, working out is a delicate balance between staying fit and not over-exerting oneself. This is because people over 40 may not be as robust and having the same health as younger folks. However, there are still plenty of ways for them to exercise without placing themselves at risk. For this reason, exercises for this group have to be effective and carrying low levels of risk. Here are 5 exercises that fit this bill and hold the promise of a thorough workout:

Cardio exercises
– Cardio exercises entail any activity that can keep the heart rate elevated above normal for 15 minutes or more.
– These include: running, jogging and skipping rope.
– Cardio exercises help burn fat and develop muscle.
– They also improve the working of the heart and lungs averting ailments such as heart attack and high blood pressure.
– For people above 40, start slow with sets of about 15 minutes and extend them as your body adapts.
– Also try and do cardio exercises early morning or evening when temperatures are not high.

– Take water to stay hydrated.

– A swim is a pleasant way to relax as well as workout.
– When swimming, all the parts of the body get a gentle workout that leaves you reinvigorated.
– The resistance from the water also spurs gradual muscle growth in the arms, legs, neck and back.
– Unlike other exercises, swimming is not characterized with heating and has a low injury risk.
– If over 40, swim in sets of about 10 minutes, taking rests in between.

– This is ideal for the legs and thighs and stomach area.
– People over 40 can minimize risk of exertion and injuries by cycling over flat ground and avoiding hilly areas.
– To get the same exercise within an indoor setting, one can also use a stationary exercise bike.

– These are great for working the forearms, biceps and triceps.
– They can be used at any time and any place.
– Dumbbells can also be incorporated into power walks for a full-body exercise.
– People over 40 should start with low weights of about 5 pounds and gradually graduate to heavier pieces.


– Anyone aged 40 plus can use various opportunities to give the legs a workout without going to the gym or breaking a sweat.
– A good example is using the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator.
– One can also substitute driving to the shop or nearby amenities with walking.
– If using public transport, develop a habit of alighting several blocks from the workplace or home and walking the remaining distance.
– If there’s a pet dog at home, volunteering to take him/her for a walk is a clever way to kill two birds with one stone.
– For people aged 40 and above, walking for 30 minutes or more is sufficient. This can be repeated twice or thrice a week.

Of course, all the above should be tackled with moderation. People over 40 should avoid exercising under hot weather. They should also stay well-hydrated during any exercise. Should you fall ill or get into an accident, make an e111 EHIC application for quality and affordable healthcare.

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