Machu Picchu  is the ancient Inca city located high in the Andes Mountains. If you are deciding to plan a trip to this new city, then you should plan well in advance. This beautiful city is set in subtropical forests and is home to endangered species, palms and ferns.

Spiritual retreats to this amazing place offers travellers a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth. Further, it offers the best experience of beauty and culture of this city.


This city has subtropical climate with rainy/dry seasons. Average temperature of this place remains around 45 degrees Fahrenheit. September to April is period of summer season and during this season, temperature is around 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

The best time to travel

This city is filled and buzzing with tourists in July and August, which is the peak tourist season. It is never so dry and you will get a chance to experience nice showers and mist that clinges to peaks. To avoid experiencing discomfort cropping up from huge crowds and heavy rains at this place, the best time to visit this city is April/November.

What to pack?

Owing to the result of high altitude and temperature of this city, the weather is very cool. You can pack a decent sweater and rainproof gear in your luggage. Besides this, you can carry good repellent as there are sandflies around the site.

If you are exploring this place with a travel guide, then he/she will tell what you will require. On the contrary if you are exploring it for any time duration, then don’t forget to carry woollen hat, scarf and antiseptic hand gel. To fully enjoy thermal baths around this city make sure you pack your trunks in your luggage.


Tourists have several options to travel around this city. Buses at this place ferry tourists up and down the mountain. Besides this, the more adventurous option to travel to this beautiful city is to hike Inca Trail. The trekking activity might take about 4 days and will also give you a chance to explore stunning natural scenery.

Special Considerations

Even though, it might be tempting for you to travel Machu Picchu in heavy rainy season, but you should consider few reasons before your trip. Not many would know but Inca Trail remains closed in February owing to possible hazardous conditions. Even though other routes remain open, but passes and roads may be closed due to sudden situations such as flooding and landslides.


If you are planning to visit this city in rainy weather conditions, then it requires utmost patience. Weather conditions causes sudden changes, so the best alternative to visit other area websites can invite frustrations in travellers.

It is advisable to plan your trip and book well in advance during peak season. This in turn will help you to avoid being turned away from transportation. Besides this don’t forget to carry sunscreen lotion no matter in which season you visit Machu Picchu.

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