Travelers Can Connect Over a Home Cooked Meal this Holiday Season in Over 450 Cities Worldwide through

Travelers Can Connect Over a Home Cooked Meal this Holiday Season in Over 450 Cities Worldwide through

When I saw the following information, I had to share it. It is such a wonderful program where you can share a holiday meal with others you don’t know. I can remember being guests at a home in New Zealand, and it was absolutely delightful.

Meal Sharing

Meal Sharing

Whether traveling, away from home or alone for the holidays, is connecting hosts and guests in more than 450 cities worldwide over home cooked meals this holiday season, including Channukah, Christmas and New Year’s. is promoting community and generosity this holiday season by donating $10 to Feeding America for every guest at a MealSharing dinner between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. Anyone who wants to meet new people and make new connections over the holidays can participate in a dinner by making a free account to host or join a meal. Hosts simply create a meal on specifying what they are making, how many people can come to their table and the optional “chip-in” price (average $8) per person to help offset the cost of ingredients. Then, guests can easily search for meals, see reviews for past dinners from each host and view the menu for upcoming meals.


A global leader in the new “sharing economy” trend, is a website that connects travelers and locals over home cooked meals with the goal to build more connected communities through approachable, home cooking. Founder Jay Savsani created after experiencing an unforgettable, home cooked meal experience while traveling in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Available in more than 450 cities worldwide, has the more places to eat in homes than any other website. Anyone can host or attend a meal by visiting and hosting or requesting a meal. Hosts can accommodate one or many guests per meal and an optional “chip in” is available to help offset the price of ingredients.  Afterwards, guests and hosts review their experience for trust and safety. For more information, please visit was founded by Jay Savsani.

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