If you are planning your next holiday with friends or family, then it might be a good idea to visit Bali. There is no other place as Bali because of its great beaches, countless waves and many places to explore. Bali has something more than scenic beauty. There is special essence, a mesmerizing vibe that is hard to describe. It has something authentic that makes it warm and welcoming.

Bali is one the Asia’s top luxury destinations and thus has many resorts, villas and restaurant. However, nothing beats rich luxury villas in Bali. The villas are value for money and come with driver and car, chefs. They are the perfect option for conducting weddings, parties, business meetings or family gatherings. Most of their villas are located in perfect locations amongst terraces and tropical gardens. They have spacious living and dining room along with a well-equipped kitchen. The villas are the perfect choice for holding weddings whether intimate or large weddings.

If you are a couple travelling to Bali, you can rent one bedroom private villa. Each villa has its own pool and you can escape the routine hassles and relax by the poolside. If you are travelling with your family, you can rent three or four-bedroom villa. Kids can enjoy at the poolside the whole day. Since villas have their own private staff, you will be given excellent service all round the day. If you rent a hotel room, you will end up paying the same amount or more without getting any luxuries like a villa. Renting a villa is an easy procedure. All you need to do is to choose the villa of your choice, fill out the inquiry form and the concerned authority will contact you within 24 hours with available options. Apart from all these benefits, few other reasons for opting villa stay are given below.

  • Enjoy private space

The major reason for opting villa stay is that you can enjoy privacy. A villa is more like a home where you can be relaxed and you do not have to worry about how you dress up or whether kids are too noisy. In a villa, it is easier to do fun things in a group. You have all the extra space to play games, watch movies or make barbecue.

  • Enjoy the luxury

At villas, you will get well-furnished rooms and all round day staff at your service. The usual daily chores are taken care of by the staff and housekeeping. You will also get a villa manager who will be pleased to look after your needs. You can get babysitters, private cars with driver, yoga instructors, spa therapist, in villa chefs and much more. You can enjoy the beauty of tropical gardens, comfortable bedrooms, private swimming pools and delicious cooked meals. Most villas offer spa treatment. You can get a massage along with pedicure and manicure and relax by the poolside with your loved ones.

Hotels are often located in tourist places that are crowded and noisy. However, villas are located in secluded places where you can enjoy the tranquillity and authentic atmosphere of the place. Most villas are located close to the beach giving you great opportunities to relax and escape from reality.

Author Bio

Daniel Clark is a passionate blogger and works as manager for a rich luxury villa in Bali. He likes to write various posts about luxury holidays and in the above post, explaining the benefits of renting a villa.

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