By Kelly Smith

Some of us enjoy working in the office from nine to five, others can’t stay in one place for longer than a week. And it’s all good as long as we do what we like. If you love to travel, here are our top seven ideas for a career you’ll love.

Tour guide


This job gives you the possibility to work in any place in the world, and if you know any foreign languages, your services will be very much in demand. You will have to absorb a lot of knowledge in a short amount of time, and ideally be ready for any question a tourist could throw your way. If you’re a people person with a fun personality, this is a career to be considered.




You can teach foreign languages, yoga, music or any other skill in different countries as well. Globalisation provides teachers with vast opportunities to travel and work at the same time. If you’re considering travelling to another country and working as a teacher, you should check what qualifications are required by the authorities to work with protected groups such as children, vulnerable adults and seniors.

Yacht crew


You have a great opportunity to work with people from all over the world and make friends for life. Usually, crew members get a day or two off work to visit the place they’re currently in and sight-see. When you’re on the job, however, it might prove to be a physically demanding job, depending which career you choose. As a member of a yacht crew, you might work as a captain, stewardess, deckhand, chef or even engineer.

Flight attendant

Many people are afraid of flying and can’t understand how anyone can willingly get on a plane several times a week. It’s safe to say though, that most flight attendants can’t imagine any other career for themselves. The reason is simple: they get to travel the world! Depending on the airline you work for, there are also other benefits crew members get, such as free or very cheap plane tickets and upgrades. For this job you need to be physically fit and possess first class communication skills.


Au pair


This option is especially popular with students who study in their hometown during the term and want to work in a different country in the summer. A job as an au pair is very rewarding but the responsibility for someone else’s children is enormous. People who love children and have basic knowledge in child pedagogy might consider working as an international babysitter. You will be living with the family you work for and get an allowance, but partying is usually off limits.


Travel blogger

What do travel bloggers even do? They write, travel, and get paid for it. It might be a bit unstable, but if you do your work right, you can get a lot of money from companies wanting to advertise on your website, or even travel for free, if a resort wants you to visit them and write a review. A good travel blog will require you to write frequently, but if you can motivate yourself, it might give you the freedom you’ve been always looking for.




Some of us, on the other hand, feel extremely lucky in life and want to give back by volunteering with a charity. In this case an organisation pays for your accommodation, travel and food, while you do whatever they need you to do. It might involve working in schools, hospitals or in an office. Volunteering means that you can actively be involved with changing the world for the better, but you will not make a lot of money.


It seems like all you need to do now is think about your skillset and personality. The main thing to take away from here is that talented and skilled people are in demand all over the world, and it doesn’t really matter where you come from.


Kelly Smith is a dedicated tutor and writer. Currently, she develops her passion at Career FAQs, one of the leading providers of career and educational resources in Australia.


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