By Jenny Richards

If you are a wild life enthusiast, you must have heard about Tadoba National Park and the tiger reserve in it. Situated in Maharashtra, Tadoba is famous for its tiger safari trips. Even though most of the tigers have expired anonymously, some are known as the finest examples of the feline family.

Some Popular Tigers of Tadoba Tiger Reserve

# Bagdo Male

The Bagdo Male is probably the biggest male tiger at Tadoba. It gets its name from the Bagdo Area where it roams. It roams around an area of sixty square kilometers. The area consists of some sub adult males and three female tigers. It is said that the presence of such strong male tigers are the key to the increase of tigers in India. They can sire many cubs from the females in their patrolling territory during the breeding season. They guard their offspring and thus, assist in increasing the tiger population.

# Telia Tigress

She is a mature tigress and a caring mother. She is named after the Telia Dam which she visits frequently. She loiters around an area of twenty square kilometers. She has given to birth to three cubs in a litter and has looked after four female cubs. The cubs have now grown up. It is said that she has mated with Bagdo Male and is about to give birth again. The gestation period of tigresses is about ninety days.

# Shivaji Tiger

Shjivaji Tiger visits the Kolsa Range and covers an area of fifty square kilometers in its territory. This magnificent male tiger has held on to its territory throughout its youth. However, tigers often alter their patrolling area. Analysts believe that the finest genes are passed by such males as Shivaji Tiger which mates with equally healthy female tigers to sire a sustainable breed.

# PandraPauni Tigress

PandraPauni Tigress was a beautiful tigress that expired after suffering from gangrene. Her patrolling area was Paundrapauni and she gave birth to four cubs. The cubs are now grown up. When she died, PandraPauni Tigress was carrying four unborn cubs.

#Panthera tigris tigris

The Panthera tigris tigris was previously known as Royal tiger. They are mostly found in India as well as in Bangladesh and they are national animal of both country India as well as Bangladesh.. Length of Panthera tigris head and body ranges from 1,400 – 2,800 mm with a tail length of 600-950 mm.The approximate weight of male tiger is 180-300 and female tiger is between 100-167 kg. They are also known as good swimmer as they can swim upto 29 km. There territory usually depend on how long they can go for their food. Approximate populations of Panthera tigris in India have been estimated at 1,706–1,909. This tigers are also spotted in Tadoba National park.

Recent Demography of Tigers

Recent count has confirmed the presence of twenty male tigers that include sub adults as well. There are around twenty five female tigers and many cubs. Currently the total head count of tigers is about seventy five. It is interesting to know that the tigers face threat of being killed by poachers. They might also get poisoned.Despite the threats they face, tigers in Tadoba are surviving and are on the rise.

Tiger Safaris

Visiting the tigers requires tourists to go on a tiger safari. Since, online booking is not available; tourists have to reserve their safari on the spot. Tourists can also book from the office at Chandrapur.

You can hire a naturalist expert who guides you through the forest. If you are staying at one of the best Tadoba resorts, you can avail one of the naturalist guides offered by the resort authority. You will be accompanied by the park guide whose instructions you have to abide by. One of the rules of the forest is that the tourists are not allowed to get down from the safari vehicles.  The safari is done on open jeeps that help tourists to have a glimpse of the tigers and other animals. However, there is only a chance that tigers may come in front of humans.

So, if you want to get a glimpse of the habitats of the tigers and even the tigers up front, book for a tiger safari at the Tadoba Tiger Reserve. You will get the best experience of your life and remember it for years to come.

Author Bio

This article is written by Jenny Richards. She has travelled to Tadoba more than three times and is planning to visit again soon. She has a repertoire of information regarding the best Tadoba resorts.



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