Bloody Caesars at Eva’s Brickhouse

Bloody Caesars at Eva’s Brickhouse

Maralyn and I spent a warm Sunday in January strolling in Mexico’s seaside open market. Handcrafted baskets and pottery lined the pier, yet our favorite part was the food. We especially enjoy fresh shrimps, local herbed goat cheese and guacamole.

Brenda at Eva's Brockhouse

Brenda at Eva’s Brockhouse

This week as I was walking home,  I discovered hand crafted bloody Caesars at my most inviting cafe called Eva’s Brickyard. The chef-owner Kent set up a makeshift bar on his terrace and called me over to join him in a refreshing libation of bloody Caesars or Mary’s. Caesars are a lighter and tastier (to me), version of Mary’s. They also pair well with fresh seafood or our choice of eggs Benedict for brunch.

View from Eva's Brockhouse

View from Eva’s Brockhouse Photo: Brenda Hill

While sipping our Caesar’s other market shoppers stopped by to ask about them. Kent decided to open up a spontaneous bar and serve customers, mostly Canadians, bloody Caesar’s.  Kent became so busy making drinks that he hired this writer as the pinch hit bloody Caesar bar tender.

Brenda's first Bloody Ceasar

Brenda’s first Bloody Caesar Photo: Brenda Hill


Bloody Caesar

Clamato juice
Sea salt
Freshly ground pepper
Tabasco style hot sauce
Worcestershire sauce
Fresh lime juice
Crisp celery sticks for stirring
Lime wheel for garnish
Optional straw


Fill a tall chilled glass with ice
Add 1-2 oz of your favorite vodka
Add several splashes of clamato juice
Stir in salt, pepper, sauces and lime juice
Garnish and stir with celery stick
Add straw

Note: When making Caesars at at home, I am often fancier by rimming the glass with celery salt, bacon bits, or Montreal steak spice, and adding more complex hot sauces and fresh horseradish. As a garnish I like pickled asparagus, a green bean, olives or a fresh shrimp.


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