By Jack Dowson

The infusion of diamonds with other metals is becoming a very common trend in the jewelry industry, attracting great demand from consumers. The adornment of such jewelry exudes a royal look and enhances the overall personality of the wearer. In many cultures across the world, diamond earrings are usually presented to loved ones as prestigious and valuable gifts. In some traditions, diamond earrings are a very appropriate gift from the groom to the bride during weddings.

Despite diamonds being the hardest and most durable stones, they should be well taken care of. One of the most popular pieces of diamonds are earrings because of their size range and visibility as they are worn on the ears and are therefore conspicuous. It is also easier to purchase diamond earrings at considerably lower budgets based on your financial capacity compared to purchasing larger pieces of jewelry such as diamond bracelets.

When choosing your diamonds, always consider the size of your earlobes. If your ear lobes are small then purchasing large diamond stones might be an uncomfortable experience as a lot of weight will be carried by the ear hole. You should go for smaller studs that rest easy on your ear lobe. There is a wide variety of diamond earring designs to choose from based on your taste and preferences.

Diamond Earring Design Styles

  • Diamond studs

The diamond studs are the most simple and versatile style that can be worn by ladies of different ages and stature. The studs usually encompass one or two stones centrally placed on the ear lobe. They are a good option for formal and business occasions because as much as they sparkle, they still give you a subtle and classic demeanor.

  • Diamond solitaire earrings

Historically, diamond solitaire earrings have been known to be passed from one generation to another as heirlooms. If someone gifts you with a pair of solitaire earrings, then you should consider yourself special and greatly loved. They are a symbol of timeless love. The diamonds are usually cut to represent the intricate beauty of a solitaire stone. They can come in two forms; either as studs or slightly dangling from the ear lobe with a light shimmering effect. You can wear a pair of these for a garden party, wedding or dinner.

  • Diamond hoops

The diamond hoops are the kind of earrings that you must wear with your hair up. They are beautiful from the front to the back. Small hoops are most appropriate during the day as you do not want to draw too much attention while the larger ones are suitable for evening functions.

  • Dangling diamond earrings

The dangling diamond earrings are perfect for formal functions and come in a wide variety of styles. The diamonds are usually designed on a sophisticated framework of metal that makes them dance about when you wear them. These are also perfect for formal occasions.

Jack Dowson

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