Looking to charter a private jet? Fantastic! Private jet travel is a great experience, here travelling can be easy, comfortable and you feel like you are in your own living room. Since, it is your first experience, selecting a right private jet charter can be daunting task. Following tips for private jet charter will help you to find a right jet charter.

  • A/B/C or D! Pick Your Air Charter Broker Wisely! :

Nowadays it’s quite easy to discover plethora of jet charter companies in seconds on web. However it’s obvious that you won’t decide on basis of a website’s pretty themes. Surely you can list out those pretty looking websites. Call them, explain your basic needs and analyze the agent’s knowledge regarding their industry & services prior asking about the price. Analyze who is considering your preferences and who is looking to make a quick buck off.  Along with that you should judge regarding the quality of company’s products, reliability and even aircraft quality. Within seconds you will know which company to go with.

  • Accumulate Your Knowledge With Aircraft Types & Sizes :

Most of the individuals never know that there are different types and sizes of aircrafts being quoted! Fortunately, with this post, now you are aware about it. Most of the charter companies immediately quote entry-level jets as they are aware that you just consider the prices. Experienced charters consider the type and size of aircraft for every tour. If you are looking for cheapest price, you have to lower your expectation on aircraft’s physical appearance and size.

  • Comprehend The Reality About Empty Legs :

Numerous charter companies regularly get calls regarding solving their query about empty leg flights on basis of the story they have read online or someone once told them over the phone. A company that serves private jet services in Dubai told that empty legs do exist, however with specific circumstances only they will benefit you.

  • Look For ‘Sliding Departures’ Facility :

Accidental circumstances may ask you to arrive late or miss the jet. In case, if you are not coming on time, the private jet can schedule itself around you.  Just like general flights you don’t have to arrive early for departure, for private jets your departure time is actual departure time.

There are a few cases where a traveler will arrive hours late be that as it may; this can represent an issue. Most of the time there will be more than one flight planned on a plane in a day, and late traveler arrivals wouldn’t be suited in this case. Another thing, charter flight groups are controlled in the matter as how much time they can work in a day; its rarely seen that travelers arrive so late that the flight crew was no more lawful to fly the trip. On account of this, in the event that you know you won’t be on time, make sure to plan a sliding departure. Due to a sliding departure, we set a window of 1 to 3 hours wherein you can arrive at whatever time within that scheduled time and expect the plane and flight crew to be prepared to go in a flash.

  • Opt For Right Airport :

As a rule, first time contract purchasers will dependably ask for major known airplane terminals in a city. Continuously approach your charter proficient for his/her suggested air terminals for your trip. In Los Angeles, it may be Van Nuys, Santa Monica, Burbank, or Ontario. In San Francisco it may be Hayward, Oakland, San Carlos, San Jose, Concorde, Napa, and so forth.

To wrap things up, ASK QUESTIONS! On the off chance that there is anything you’re ever uncertain of, ensure you’re working with a knowledgeable charter proficient whom you trust to give you legitimate and educated advice.

Author Bio
Daniel is an experienced pilot and a passionate blogger. He loves to fly private jet charters all around the world. In the above post, he is explaining why flying with private jets is a better option as compared to commercial airlines.


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