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Your annual vacation is an essential opportunity to unwind, relax and refocus your mind, ready to tackle everything with renewed vigor. However, it can be difficult to pick a destination which is both interesting and affordable. The world is packed with superb travel spots; from adventurous locations to the most relaxing resorts, there’s something for everyone. The following value options will help you make the right choice without going over budget.


Tunisia has been slow to recover from terrorist attacks in 2014 and this makes it an ideal opportunity to visit this cultural gem. The country is full of history and culture and although Muslim here are plenty of areas which are tolerant of western society. There are an abundance of Roman remains in the North of the country and several of the sets from the Star Wars franchise still remain here.

South Africa

The fluctuations in currency have made South Africa an affordable and desirable destination.  You can experience the amazing beauty of Cape Town, the sea and the African plains all from the top of Table Mountain. The city is full of culture and has a vibrant night life as well as a host of children friendly activities. Alongside the safaris you can also whale watch and even see the giant turtle on the beach just up the coast from Cape Town.  March, April, May, September and October are the best times to visit for warm climates and the off peak process.


A simple dorm is still less than $10 US per night; your dollars really will go a long way in this mystical city.  Shanghai is constantly changing and is vibrant, fun and exciting. Everywhere you go you will benefit from value for your money and you will always feel safe.


This idyllic haven does not feature highly on the tourist destination list. There are beautiful white sandy beaches and simple huts to stray and enjoy all the local delights. The resorts are not yet developed and travelers who go now will get to experience the real Samoa; an experience that will live with you forever.


Bali is one of the most famous destinations for those who are travelling around the world. You can choose to stay in a budget hotel, beach hut or a good quality, air conditioned beach side condo. The atmosphere and beach remain fantastic as does its popularity.


Uruguay is fast becoming one of the best ways to visit and witness South America.  The atmosphere is laid back, the beaches remind you of paradise and the cuisine is fantastic! It is even home to the former factory of Fray Bentos; the word famous pie maker!


The Algarve region in Portugal remains one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Various budget airlines are now operating in the area making it an even more attractive destination. The family friendly resorts have fantastic beaches and child friendly facilities as well as a host of other facilities.


Although the hotels can be expensive here, there are an abundance of home stay possibilities and dorms which offer cheap accommodation and an experience of native life that can simply not be beaten. There are a huge number of attractions and temples to visit as Taiwan is a cultural gem.


Everyone should visit Eastern Europe at least once and Romania is an excellent example of what is on offer. Budget airlines abound making it easy to get here, although the average price of a hotel is starting to climb. There are many examples of the history and greatness if the Eastern European countries of yesteryear as well as a vibrant, bustling atmosphere which will sweep anyone off their feet! When visiting, it is essential to visit the medieval villages, the mysterious castles and the Blue Danube Delta.

Whether you’re looking for a beach travel destination to spend your summer days with your loved one, or you’re hunting for the finest Christmas holidays in Iceland, the world is your oyster. Make a sensible choice; not all destinations are expensive. Perform a thorough search and make plans in advance. This way you’ll enjoy the most relaxing holiday!

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Author Bio: Alfred Stallion has travelled to many destinations around the world. He also loves writing about his travelling experiences and the places he has explored.

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