By Michelle Mangan

Dining Around the World

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How a guest conducts themselves at the dinner table when dining at a person’s home, or out in public at a restaurant, says a lot about their respect for etiquette and behaviour. It shows their host that they are appreciative of their company, their home and their customs. But what happens when there is no dinner table to sit at or no utensils to eat with as would be the case in many Asian countries? Getting to know the standard of conduct and the appropriate reactions to dining when in a foreign country is an important part of cultural appreciation.


Take the French for example. If you are dining in France, always follow the host’s lead and never sit without being asked to take a seat. In India you will be expected to sit on a rug on the floor and to eat with your hands, but only every expected to put your right hand in your mouth when eating. In Russia you will be urged to take second helpings and the polite thing to do when there is excessive sauce is to soak it up with bread which will be provided. For more details on the many varied dining habits from across the globe, have a look at the infographic provided by The Dunloe Hotel.

Author Bio

Michelle Mangan is a Content Marketing Manager who works on the digital marketing campaign for The Dunloe Hotel in Co. Kerry, Ireland. She regularly creates infographics and blog posts that focus on hotel, hospitality, tourism and travel focused topics.

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