Perhaps you’re a first time traveller looking for advice that will help you minimise your expenses on your first trip? Or, you might be a seasoned traveller on the hunt for the latest apps that will make navigating overseas simpler?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of articles online offering travel advice and tips, some which will be useful and a whole lot which are outdated. To find some of the most useful tips travellers can adopt today, Australian travel insurance company Fast Cover designed their 2016’s Genius Travel Hacks and Tips infographic.

The infographic is based on an analysis of over 500 travel hack articles. The most widely shared articles were carefully looked at to identify the tips and tricks which can make travelling simpler and save travellers money at each stage of their journey. The infographic is divided into five stages of travelling which many people will recognize: booking your holiday, preparing yourself and packing, being in transit, exploring your destination and finally, returning home.

Travellers of all kinds can find a useful tip that will make their 2016 holiday easier. For example, the infographic suggests booking flights on a Tuesday, Wednesday or on the weekend to save money. You can also suspend pay TV and gym memberships before travelling and save as well. Downloading Maps.Me is also a great way to navigate overseas without having to carry a large paper map.

Find other useful travel tips to make your next holiday simpler!


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Author: Laura is the Digital Content Coordinator at Fast Cover travel insurance. Fast Cover is an Australian travel insurance company providing fast and simple cover to Australians of any age. They automatically cover 44 pre-existing medical conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes and pregnancy up to and including the 23rd week. Cover is also provided for a range of adventure activities including bungee jumping and scuba diving.


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